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Moonwalkers is a comedy film that blends together the conspiracy theories during the Apollo 11 landing with the criminal underworld of 1960's London. The movie is set in the year 1969, when a special CIA agent is sent from the United States to London to locate a movie director who will help Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landing. This plan was hatched by the U.S. government as a means to win the Space Race against the Soviet Union.

Rupert Grint stars as Jonny, a drug-running band manager who is in desperate need of funds as his latest deal has gone sour. He is then mistakenly recruited by Agent Kidman, played by Ron Perlman, as the lead contact in London to find the director. However, Kidman's plans are thrown into disarray when Jonny mistakes Robert Sheehan's character, Leon, an uninspired filmmaker, for Kubrick. Leon is a habitual liar and initially goes along with the plan, intending to take the money and then disappear.

As the plot progresses, Jonny realizes the gravity of the situation as he discovers that the people who have paid for the moon landing are now starting to show their displeasure at the lack of progress. He takes it upon himself to coerce Leon into following through with the plan to create the fake landing. Kidman on the other hand is following protocol, but his priorities slowly begin to change as he becomes immersed in the drug culture of swinging London.

The contrast between Jonny and Kidman's worlds is evident. Kidman's uptight mannerisms are a stark contrast to Jonny's laidback attitude. This is largely due to the two being from different worlds, with Jonny's live-and-let-live attitude allowing him to buddy up with the more open-minded Leon. Leon helps Jonny to get in touch with the underground film industry, which greatly benefits Kidman's mission. Also, the duo creates a wild tape, which they believe resembles something of Kubrick's touch, but it is not until the authenticity of the tape is challenged that the true creativity and talent of Leon come into fruition.

The movie is a well-paced, humorous escapade, with moments of suspense that keep you engaged throughout. The main characters are fleshed out and develop over time, making them fascinating to watch. The dynamic between Kidman and Jonny is particularly enjoyable to watch, with Perlman's formidable acting being balanced by Grint's subtle comedic timing.

There is a distinct visual style to the movie, with the production design perfectly capturing the era of the 1960s. The sets and costumes are well crafted, mingling perfectly with the psychedelic and counter-culture themes that were prevalent at the time.

Moonwalkers is a unique and thrilling ride that benefits from an intelligent script and committed performances from its cast. The movie presents a far-fetched story that, while outrageous, has enough tongue-in-cheek humor to make it work, making it one of the few films that will make you both laugh and keep you on edge. With its strong performances and stylish aesthetics, this film stands out among other abduction comedies.

Moonwalkers is a Comedy movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 39.

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