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Forget Us Not is a drama film directed by Alexander Holt and Lance Roehrig, and starring Ron Perlman, Christopher Atkins, and Vernon Wells. It was released in 2013, and although it did not receive wide distribution or many reviews, it tells an intricate and powerful story that will resonate with anyone who has been touched by the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease. The film follows the story of Lewis (Perlman), an elderly man living in a nursing home who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Despite his diagnosis, Lewis is determined to hold onto his memories and his identity for as long as possible. He spends his days poring over old photographs, newspaper clippings, and other relics of his past, trying to piece together the stories of his life before it all slips away for good. As Lewis fights to hold onto his memories, he is also forced to confront the harsh reality of life in the nursing home. He is constantly surrounded by other residents who are also losing their minds, as well as nurses and caregivers who are overworked and underpaid. Despite their best efforts, Lewis begins to feel increasingly isolated and forgotten. Throughout the film, we see flashbacks to Lewis's past, including his experiences as a soldier in World War II, his marriage to his beloved wife, and his struggles with depression and loneliness. We also see glimpses of other characters in the nursing home, including a former movie star (Atkins) who is now confined to a wheelchair, and a grizzled old biker (Wells) who seems to be the only one who truly understands what Lewis is going through. Despite its heavy subject matter, Forget Us Not is not a depressing film. Instead, it is a powerful meditation on the importance of memory, love, and connection. The film is anchored by Perlman's powerful performance as Lewis, and his chemistry with the other actors is palpable. Atkins and Wells are also excellent in their roles, bringing a sense of humor and humanity to the otherwise bleak setting. One of the most impressive aspects of the film is its use of flashbacks and dream sequences to evoke Lewis's memories. Rather than relying on cheesy special effects or heavy-handed dialogue, the filmmakers use subtle visual cues and music to transport the audience back in time. These sequences are some of the most beautiful and poignant moments in the film, and they serve to remind us of the depth and richness of Lewis's life before Alzheimer's took hold. Despite its small budget and limited release, Forget Us Not is a film that deserves to be seen. It is an emotional and deeply affecting story that will resonate with anyone who has witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease. It is also a powerful reminder of the importance of memory, and of the enduring human spirit that can withstand even the most devastating of circumstances.

Forget Us Not is a Documentary, Drama, History movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 71 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.4..

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