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Set in the 1950s, Mona Lisa Smile is a drama centered around a group of young women in their final year at the prestigious, all-female Wellesley College. The story follows the students as they navigate societal expectations of marriage and motherhood, their own desires and ambitions, and the influence of their unconventional art history professor, Katherine Ann Watson (Julia Roberts). Katherine is a free-spirited, modern-minded woman who challenges the conservative and traditional views of the college and its students. Instead of teaching the traditional approach to art history, she encourages her students to think outside the box and explore different perspectives, even if it means going against what their families and society have taught them. The main protagonist, Betty Warren (Kirsten Dunst), is a popular and seemingly perfect student who is engaged to her childhood sweetheart. She represents the epitome of tradition and conformity, initially resisting Katherine's philosophy and approach to teaching. Joan Brandwyn (Julia Stiles) is another student who initially doubts Katherine's methods, but becomes one of her biggest supporters as she discovers her own passion for law. As Katherine continues to challenge the status quo, her students begin to realize that there is more to life than what is expected of them. They question their own beliefs, and their futures are transformed as they realize that they can make their own choices and forge their own path. As the year progresses, the students face various personal and societal challenges, from a sexual assault to cultural and racial intolerance. Throughout it all, Katherine remains steadfast in empowering her students to think critically and embrace their individuality. Mona Lisa Smile is a powerful film that explores themes of identity, education, gender roles, and societal expectations. The performances of the talented ensemble cast convey a range of emotions, from frustration and anger to hope and empowerment. With its inspiring message and acknowledgement of the struggles faced by women in the past and present, Mona Lisa Smile is a timeless classic that speaks to viewers of all generations.

Mona Lisa Smile is a Drama, History, Romance movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of 117 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 45.

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