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Manson, My Name Is Evil is a fascinating exploration of one of the most infamous criminal minds in history, directed by Reginald Harkema and released in 2009. This film delves into the complex web spun by notorious cult leader Charles Manson, attempting to provide a fresh perspective on the events that unfolded during one of the most horrific killing sprees of the 20th century.

The film stars Peter MacNeill, Gregory Smith, and Ryan Robbins in leading roles, supported by a talented ensemble cast. The narrative unfolds through intertwining the stories of the principals, providing viewers with a multifaceted perspective on the narrative.

Peter MacNeill plays Perry, a chemist and juror in the Manson trial, which forms the centerpiece of the story. He is an iconic representation of the 'American good guy', a devoted Christian who finds his faith and his values shaken as he grapples with the details of the Manson case.

Gregory Smith plays Leslie, a young woman caught up in the thrill and seduction of Manson's so-called 'Family'. As a converted follower who grew up in a conservative suburb, her radical transformation encourages viewers to reflect on the nature of manipulation and the loss of innocence.

Ryan Robbins portrays Charles Manson, the manipulative cult leader. He delivers a chilling performance, capturing the enigmatic charm and malevolent leadership that allowed Manson to wield such control over his followers.

"Manson, My Name Is Evil" presents the horrifying Manson Family murders from a unique angle, focusing less on the sensationalism often associated with the case and more on a broader analysis of the events. The film explores how the collision of two different worlds - suburban America and Manson's anarchist group - creates a spiral into madness and murder.

At its heart, "Manson, My Name Is Evil" is a story about loss - loss of innocence, loss of faith, and loss of humanity. The Manson Family may be the catalyst for the tragedy, but Perry's struggle to reconcile his beliefs with the reality he is confronted with forms the emotional nucleus of the film. As Perry wrestles with his personal beliefs and the pressures from those around him, he is forced to reconsider his understanding of morality in the face of unimaginable evil.

The director’s approach to storytelling in this film is unique, using a blend of crime thriller and dark comedy to tackle the weighty subject matter. Through the course of the film, viewers are provided with a kaleidoscope view of a time laden with social and political upheaval. This provides context for Manson’s manipulative prowess set against the backdrop of a society under transformation.

"Manson, My Name Is Evil” also uses elements of satirical comedy to provide a scathing critique of the American Dream, juxtaposing the wholesome suburban life against the anarchic hedonism of Manson's clan. Its satire also serves to highlight the hypocrisy and complacency in society that enabled Manson's rise and the subsequent tragedy.

The story is brought to life through a skillful juxtaposition of vibrant, psychedelic '60s aesthetics and a haunting score that injects an eerie sense of dread into the narrative. This film presents a blend of different storytelling techniques and aesthetics designed to challenge viewers, forcing them to question the assumptions they may hold about right, wrong, faith, and the nature of evil.

"Manson, My Name Is Evil" is not just a film about one of the most grotesque crimes in history but is an exploration of the paradoxes within American society during that time. It asks the viewers to rethink their perceptions about morality, deviance, and the power of persuasion.

While it does not shy away from the brutality of the crimes, the film also humanizes its characters, forcing us to see them as more than just the roles they played in this sickening tableau, thus making 'Manson, My Name Is Evil' an evocative and captivating retelling of a dark chapter in American history.

Manson, My Name Is Evil is a Comedy, Crime, Drama movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 85 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6..

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