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Last Hour is a 2008 crime thriller film starring DMX, Michael Madsen, and Pascal Caubet. The film was directed by Pascal Caubet, who also co-wrote the movie with DMX. Last Hour follows the story of a small-time crook named Mike (DMX), who is given just one hour to deliver $1 million to a mysterious gangster in exchange for his kidnapped girlfriend, Sofia.

The movie begins by introducing us to Mike and Sofia, who are living together in a rundown apartment in Los Angeles. Mike is a drug dealer who is constantly in debt to various gangsters, and Sofia is a struggling actress who dreams of making it big in Hollywood. One day, while Mike is away on business, Sofia is kidnapped by a group of masked men who demand a ransom of $1 million in exchange for her safe return.

Desperate to save Sofia, Mike turns to his best friend, Adam (Michael Madsen), for help. Adam is a retired hitman who owes Mike a favor and agrees to help him out. Together, they set out to find the gangster who kidnapped Sofia and retrieve the $1 million. Along the way, they encounter a series of obstacles and adversaries, including corrupt cops, drug addicts, and rival gangsters.

As the clock ticks down, Mike and Adam race against time to complete their mission before it's too late. Along the way, they begin to unravel a complex web of deceit and betrayal that leads them to the shocking truth behind Sofia's abduction. Last Hour is a gritty and intense crime thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

One of the standout performances in the movie comes from DMX, who plays the role of Mike with a quiet intensity that makes him a compelling protagonist. Michael Madsen also delivers a solid performance, bringing his trademark coolness and charisma to the role of Adam. Pascal Caubet, who also directed the film, delivers a stylish and atmospheric thriller that effectively captures the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles.

While Last Hour may not be a perfect film, it's still an entertaining and well-crafted crime thriller that's worth checking out. The movie's tense and fast-paced story, combined with the strong performances from its cast, make it a must-see for fans of the genre. So if you're looking for a gritty and intense crime thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end, be sure to check out Last Hour.

Last Hour is a Adventure, Drama, Action, Thriller movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.9..

Pascal Caubet
DMX, Michael Madsen, David Carradine, Paul Sorvino, Tony D'Amario
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