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L'as des as, released in 1982, is an action-comedy movie that boasts a star-studded cast headlined by Jean-Paul Belmondo. Directed by Gérard Oury, the movie is set in the backdrop of World War II, with a touch of humor and ingenuity.

Belmondo plays the character of Jo Cavalier, who is a professional boxer cum smuggler in Vichy France. At the beginning of the movie, we see Jo indulging in his boxing exercises and smuggling money from one place to another. One day, he is approached by a young boy, Simon Rosenblum, who happens to be the son of the chemistry professor, Rosenblum.

Professor Rosenblum has been kidnapped by the Gestapo for his knowledge of a new explosive formula that can simplify the manufacture of bombs. However, the Gestapo is unaware that the professor has hidden the formula on his son's jacket. Simon shows up at Jo's doorstep, asking for his help to rescue his father and get the formula across to the Allies.

Intrigued by the adventure that awaits him, Jo agrees to help Simon and set off on a journey to the Swiss border with Simon and his mother, Aviva, played by Marie-France Pisier. Along the way, they meet Frank Hoffmann who plays Captain Winston, a British intelligence agent. Together, they form a team that works to thwart the plans of the Nazis and rescue Professor Rosenblum.

The rest of the movie takes the viewers on an action-packed adventure that involves car chases, boat races, flying planes, and more. Despite the danger, the group manages to outwit the Nazis and deliver the formula to the Allies. Throughout the movie, there is an underlying sense of humor that lightens up the intense situations that the characters find themselves in.

One of the standout performances in the movie is that of Belmondo, who brings a lot of energy and charisma to the character of Jo. His character has a mischievous streak, which works well with the overall tone of the movie. Pisier brings a certain elegance and poise to the role of Aviva, the mother of Simon. Her character is a counterpoint to the macho energy of Jo.

The movie also benefits from its witty screenplay, penned by Gérard Oury and Danièle Thompson. The dialogues are sharp and add to the overall charm of the movie. The movie's score, composed by Vladimir Cosma, is also noteworthy and adds a dash of liveliness to the movie.

L'as des as is a feel-good movie, with an entertaining storyline and characters that are easy to root for. It combines a mix of humor, action, and adventure, making it a perfect watch for viewers across age groups. The movie was also a commercial success, becoming one of the most successful movies of the year in France.

Overall, L'as des as is an entertaining movie that showcases the talents of its star-studded cast. It's a movie that is sure to put a smile on the faces of its viewers, leaving them feeling satisfied at the end.

L'as des as is a Adventure, Comedy movie released in 1982. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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Grard Oury
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marie-France Pisier, Frank Hoffmann, Rachid Ferrache, Gnter Meisner
Also starring Marie-France Pisier
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