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Jimmy is a heartwarming 2013 drama film that is based on elements of faith, spirituality, and the power of friendship. Directed by Mark Freiburger, the movie is set in the backdrop of a small southern town and boasts a strong ensemble cast featuring Ted Levine, Patrick Fabian, and Kelly Carlson.

The eponymous protagonist Jimmy Mitchell, beautifully portrayed by newcomer Ian Colletti, is a teenager with special needs who has the ability to see and communicate with beings that are not visible to other people, meeting them in his safe space, the old train station. Favorited by his friends for his pure heart and loved by his family despite his peculiarities, Jimmy brings an ethereal charm, unique perception of life, and curiosity to the movie.

Renowned actor Ted Levine plays the role of Jimmy's father, James Mitchell. As a hardworking lower middle class man, who is also the local postman, James is the moral center of Jimmy’s life and represents firm values and love for his family. Levine delivers a powerful performance, bringing depth to the character of a man torn between his son's unique nature and the social norms dictated by the town and society.

Patrick Fabian portrays the character of Lee Mitchell, Jimmy's older brother. A bright and ambitious student, Lee is constantly pulled between his aspirations for a better future and his affection for his quirky little brother. Fabian masterfully plays his character and brings in the emotional rollercoaster beautifully.

Kelly Carlson plays Ellen Mitchell, the nurturing mother of Jimmy and wife to James Mitchell. Her portrayal of a woman whose unwavering faith and love for her son, as well as her struggles in comprehending his unusual abilities, is believable and poignant. The strength displayed by her character serves as a steadfast pillar of support to the family.

Jimmy takes us through the journey of this extraordinary teenager and the challenges he and his family face due to his special capabilities. As Jimmy starts predicting events based on his "invisible friends," this becomes a cause of concern for his father and brother. Meanwhile, the community becomes suspicious and curious about Jimmy's abilities. Most of the town’s resident understand his predictions as harmless antics of a young boy, while a few start speculating them as divine interventions.

In parallel, the narrative also touches upon the journey of Lee Mitchell, though overshadowed by his brother's peculiarities. The drama within the family, as they grapple with Jimmy's situation and attempt to protect the innocence of their son, forms the crux of this film's thematic layers.

Aside from vivid performances from the lead cast, the movie's strength lies in its engaging screenplay by Gary Wheeler and Robert Whitlow, based on Whitlow’s novel. It seamlessly mixes elements of spirituality and reality into the narrative without wavering from the principal plot.

The direction of Mark Freiburger aptly complements this thoughtful script with its balanced narrative tone and pacing. Whether it's emphasizing heartfelt moments within the family or exploring the tests of faith within the community, Freiburger effectively evokes the essence of southern life and underlines the movie's spiritual themes.

The cinematography contributes significantly to the film's success, capturing the charming southern landscapes and the accompanying calmness, symbolizing Jimmy’s innocence and providing a contrast to the competing complexities that the characters face.

The supporting cast also delivers compelling performances, contributing to the spirit and authenticity of the small-town narrative, reinforcing the themes of family, faith, and acceptance.

In its entirety, Jimmy is a heart-touching tale that explores the concepts of faith, trust, and acceptance in a family’s journey with their special-needs son. The story unfolds in a way that keeps viewers hooked, making them part of Jimmy’s world.

Given its strong cast, profound storyline, and deeply grounded characters, Jimmy is a movie that instigates introspection and awakens the viewer's empathy. It's a beautiful narrative driven by innocence and faith that leaves a lasting impression.

Jimmy is a Drama, Kids & Family, Fantasy movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 95. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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