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Jerry Before Seinfeld is a captivating 2017 stand-up comedy special featuring renowned comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. It comes as a unique addition to Netflix's collection of comedy specials, providing a nostalgic ride back into Seinfeld's past where everything started for this comedy legend. With supporting appearances from Jimmy Brogan and Mark Schiff, it proffers a captivating glimpse into the peaks and valleys of Seinfeld's rise in the stand-up comedy realm.

The special is a true gem for both ardent Seinfeld fans and those who have not seen his big-screen sitcom yet. It kicks off at New York City's The Comic Strip, a famed comic club that not only holds nostalgic significance for Seinfeld but also for the world of stand-up, having been the launchpad for numerous famed comedians.

What sets Jerry Before Seinfeld apart from other comedy specials is that it is not just about the laughs. True, it is peppered with Seinfeld's trademark humor and observational comedy, but it is also a heartfelt trip down Seinfeld's memory lane. He talks about his early life, his humble beginnings as a 20-something, wide-eyed comedian, his first steps into the world of stand-up, and how he evolved into the big name he is today in an industry revered and criticized in equal measures.

The signature wit and humor are peppered with evocative stories of his youth, his family, and his unconventional rise to fame - it is part stand-up, part autobiography. Each episode begins with the comedian warmly reminiscing about the past – including scribbled jokes from his childhood, home movies, and photographs that bring back memories, before moving onto his familiar routines honed and polished over time.

Appearances by other stand-up comics like Jimmy Brogan and Mark Schiff, who lend a further voice to the narrative, particularly through their empowering experiences in the industry, add depth to the special. These remarkable artists share their journey of laughter and struggles, further augmenting the premise of the comedy special.

One noteworthy aspect of Jerry Before Seinfeld is the humor itself. Seinfeld's well-known observational comedic style shines bright in this special. His ability to extract humor from everyday life, the human condition, and societal quirks is a delightful throwback to his eponymous sitcom that was famously described as "a show about nothing".

At the same time, Seinfeld's passionate narration not only brings the audience closer to the fabric of his life but also reveals how his unique brand of comedy was born and nurtured. This special is a testament to his journey, as it details how a kid from Brooklyn, driven by dreams and an insatiable wit, matures into an unforgettable figure in the world of comedy.

The cinematography and direction deserve special mention. Rather than settle for a mere spotlight/commons stand-up routine, the production aims for a more profound visual experience. Combining the contemporary settings of his routines with flashes of his past - candid shots, home movies, and pictures - Jerry Before Seinfeld is a visual treat that is as thought-provoking as it is humorous.

Probably the most fascinating element of the show is watching Seinfeld return to The Comic Strip, the club where it all began. Standing on that stage, he transports the audience back to the beginning of his comedy career. The rush of nostalgia, combined with the comical backdrop, adds an air of authenticity and raw charm to the special.

Overall, Jerry Before Seinfeld provides a unique insight into the life and career journey of one of the leading comedians of our time. It's a charming blend of nostalgia, stand-up performance, and personal storytelling that manages to generate laughs and evoke emotions in equal measure. It offers Seinfeld fans a chance to appreciate their favorite comedian from an entirely new perspective and invites the uninitiated into his world of humor and wit. It's more than a comedy special; it's a heartfelt portrayal of a man's journey to laughter, filled with wit, charm, and a good dose of resilience.

Jerry Before Seinfeld is a Comedy, Documentary movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 61 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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