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Inu-Oh is a 2021 Japanese animated musical film directed by Masaaki Yuasa, based on a novel by Hideo Furukawa. The movie is set in the Heian period of Japan and tells the story of a blind musician named Inu-Oh and his quest for acceptance and self-discovery through his art. Inu-Oh, voiced by Avu-chan, was born with a curse that made him blind and possessing a strange power that allows him to connect with people's emotions through music. He was abandoned by his own family and was taken in by a group of traveling performers who taught him how to play instruments, sing, and dance. Despite his talents, Inu-Oh is constantly ridiculed and discriminated against because of his blindness and unusual power. He is seen as a freak and is shunned by both the high and low classes of society. Even the people who appreciate his music see him as a tool to be used for their own gain. Despite all this, Inu-Oh remains hopeful and continues to create music that touches people's hearts. One day, he meets a mysterious man named Tomona, voiced by Mirai Moriyama, who admires his music and offers to be his disciple. Together, they travel across Japan, performing and enchanting audiences with their music. As they journey, Inu-Oh and Tomona face many challenges and encounter different characters, each with their own story and struggles. They also learn more about each other and their own fears, doubts, and desires. Through it all, they both grow as artists and individuals. Inu-Oh is a visually stunning movie that combines traditional Japanese art with modern animation techniques. The characters are beautifully designed, and the music is a fusion of traditional Japanese instruments and contemporary rhythms. The movie also explores themes of identity, prejudice, and the power of art to connect people. Overall, Inu-Oh is a unique and captivating movie that will appeal to fans of animation and music. It is a story about a misunderstood artist who perseveres and triumphs through his passion for music and his belief in himself.

Inu-Oh is a Animation, Drama, Music movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 77.

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Where can I stream Inu-Oh movie online? Inu-Oh is available to watch and stream, buy on demand, download at Hulu Plus, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu. Some platforms allow you to rent Inu-Oh for a limited time or purchase the movie for downloading.

Masaaki Yuasa
Avu-chan, Mirai Moriyama, Tasuku Emoto
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