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In the French Style is a 1963 romantic drama film that explores the nuances of love, passion, and devotion set against the backdrop of the renowned 'City of Love', Paris. Directed by Robert Parrish and featuring notable performances from Jean Seberg, Stanley Baker, and Philippe Forquet, the movie takes audiences on a journey of heartfelt narratives and encapsulating environments, diving deeply into the complexities of romantic entanglements and their multifaceted consequences.

Jean Seberg shines as Christina James, an enchanting American art student who ventures to Paris to further her studies, drawn by the city’s allure of romance and artistic stimulus. Willfully independent yet naively optimistic about love, Christina quickly finds herself drawn into the seductive charm of the Parisian lifestyle. While trying to find her artistry amidst the bohemian environment, she unexpectedly becomes involved with two distinct men who represent vastly different paths of love and life.

On one hand, we have Guy (Philippe Forquet), a frivolous and somewhat flippant young playboy from a wealthy background who is fascinated by Christine's novelty and charm. He offers Christina a taste of the hedonistic and unrestricted ways of Parisian high society, creating interesting commentary on the era’s extravagant lifestyle and social norms. However, underneath the glamour, there are undertones of fruitless pursuit and the illusory nature of pleasures.

Stanley Baker, on the other hand, portrays Walter Beddoes, an older, influential journalist characteristically adept at remaining unfazed by the superficial elements of the upper echelons of Parisian society. His interest in Christina is fueled by her genuine zeal for life and sincere desire to grow as an artist in the city steeped in cultural richness. However, Walter’s commitment to his career and the real-world responsibilities occasionally come in conflict with the whimsical ideals of love Christina yearns for.

A dance of romance unfolds between these three characters, offering a poignant portrayal of complexities involved in love and adulthood. Seberg’s character, Christina, must navigate through these converging paths and make decisions that not only influence her personal life but also raise the question of whether we live for love, art, or the balance of both. She's also confronted with choices that force her to decide whether to succumb to societal expectations or follow her heart and artistic instincts.

The nuances of the story are delicately framed against the picturesque backdrop of 1960s Paris, effectively augmenting the romantic allure of the narrative. Director Parrish employs the captivating milieu to heighten the viewing experience by merging it seamlessly with the characters’ on-screen exploration of love, passion, and the pressing delineation of personal dreams and desires, producing a rich cinematic palette that fervently clings to the viewers.

Cinematographically, In the French Style thrives on its attention to detail. The grandeur and charm of Paris are characterized by wide scenes that capture the grandiosity of the city’s architecture, the serenity of the rivers, and the frenzy of the bustling city life. Simultaneously, the close-ups meticulously used during intimate moments between characters offer a raw glimpse into their emotional depths, their vulnerabilities, and their wavering commitments towards each other.

In the French Style is a symphony of love entanglements that eloquently highlight the varying spectrums of relationships, from youthful, blinding infatuations to mature, challenging companionship. The movie provides a reflective exploration of love’s precarious phases, cleverly drawing upon the internal and external worlds of its characters. The film depicts that romantic relationships, much like art, require compromise, passion, and a depth of understanding that might seem elusive in the beginning but evolves over time.

Renowned for its beautiful cinematography and noteworthy performances from its leading trio, In the French Style is a vibrant spectacle of mid-20th-century romance and self-discovery. Its beautiful depiction of Parisian life, coupled with its compelling narrative and rich character development, makes it an enriching cinematic experience for viewers interested in classic romantic dramas emphatically portrayed in an enigmatic era.

In the French Style is a Drama, Romance movie released in 1963. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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