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I Went Down is a crime-comedy movie from 1997, directed by Paddy Breathnach and written by Conor McPherson. The movie stars Brendan Gleeson, Peter McDonald, Antoine Byrne, and a few other notable actors. The plot of the movie centers around Git Hynes (Peter McDonald), a young Dubliner who gets in trouble with his boss, Tom French (Tony Doyle), for messing up the delivery of a briefcase. Instead of firing him, Tom decides to give Git a second chance and assigns him a new task. Git is to pick up Frank Grogan (Brendan Gleeson), a former associate of Tom's who owes him a big favor, and bring him back to Dublin. Git travels to Cork, where Frank is supposed to be, and meets him in a pub. Frank, who is a tough and charismatic man, is not interested in going back to Dublin with Git, but Git has no choice but to persuade him. As they hit the road together, Git and Frank develop a strange bond, and the movie follows their adventures and misadventures. One of the most interesting aspects of I Went Down is its unique blend of genres. On one hand, it is a crime movie, with several tense and suspenseful scenes involving guns, police, and gangsters. On the other hand, it is a comedy, with many hilarious and absurd moments, such as Frank's obsession with a jar of olives or his constant use of unconventional words. Another strength of the movie is its strong characterization. Brendan Gleeson is outstanding as Frank Grogan, a complex and fascinating character who oscillates between violence and tenderness, humor and sadness. Peter McDonald is also great as Git Hynes, playing him as a naive and insecure young man who gradually gains confidence and wisdom thanks to Frank's mentorship. In addition to the main characters, the movie features several colorful and memorable supporting characters, such as Bunny Kelly (Jer O'Leary), a philosophical and eccentric taxi driver, or Harry (Jeremiah O'Connor), a grumpy old man who gets involved in one of Frank and Git's schemes. The movie's visual style is also worth mentioning. Shot on location in Ireland, it showcases the beauty and diversity of the Irish landscape, from the busy streets of Dublin to the rural areas of Cork and Kerry. The cinematography by Cian de Buitlear is often striking and poetic, conveying the mood and atmosphere of each scene with precision and creativity. Overall, I Went Down is a delightful and entertaining movie that offers a fresh and original take on the crime genre. It is a movie about friendship, loyalty, and redemption, but also about the absurdity and randomness of life. Its blend of humor and drama, its memorable characters, and its visual and narrative flair make it a must-see for fans of Irish cinema and beyond.

I Went Down is a Action, Comedy, Crime movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 69.

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