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HouseSitter is a 1992 romantic comedy film starring Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn, and Dana Delany. The film is directed by Frank Oz, and written by Mark Stein.

The movie revolves around the character Newton Davis (Steve Martin), a Boston architect who is in love with his girlfriend Becky (Dana Delany). Newton has designed his dream house, but when he proposes to Becky, she refuses his proposal, stating that she is not ready to move to Boston and get married yet. Newton is devastated, and decides to leave Boston for a while to clear his head.

While Newton is away, he meets a beautiful and quirky woman named Gwen (Goldie Hawn), who he has a one-night stand. The next morning, Newton leaves to go back to Boston, thinking that he will never see Gwen again. However, things take a strange turn when Gwen shows up at Newton's dream house in Boston, claiming to be his wife. She even manages to convince the townspeople and even Becky's parents of her story.

Newton, who is struggling to move on from his breakup with Becky, initially tries to get Gwen to leave, but after he sees how happy she makes everyone in the town and how she transforms his dream home into a cozy and welcoming place, he decides to go along with her outlandish lie. However, as time goes on, Newton starts to realize that he has developed real feelings for Gwen, and that maybe she is not as crazy as he initially thought.

Throughout the film, Newton and Gwen navigate through their feelings for each other, the lie they have created, and the consequences that come with it. The movie is full of hilarious moments and witty banter between the characters.

One of the highlights of the film is the chemistry between Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. They have a believable and charming dynamic that keeps the viewer engaged in their story. Both actors bring their A-game to the film, with Steve Martin delivering his trademark humor, and Goldie Hawn providing a lovable and quirky performance.

The movie also touches on themes of spontaneity, taking risks, and finding happiness in unexpected places. It shows how sometimes, the things we think we want are not what we need to be truly happy.

Overall, HouseSitter is a fun and heartwarming film that is perfect for a cozy night in with loved ones. It is a perfect blend of comedy and romance, with strong performances from its main cast. Anyone looking for a feel-good movie with lots of laughs and heart should give HouseSitter a watch.

HouseSitter is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 1992. It has a runtime of 102 min. (approx.). Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 52.

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