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In 1892, Army captain Joseph J. Blocker (Scott Shepherd) is tasked with escorting a dying Cheyenne chief, Yellow Hawk (Wes Studi), and his family back to their tribal lands in Montana. Blocker, who has a long-standing hatred for Native Americans due to his experiences in the Indian Wars, is initially reluctant to take on the assignment. But under orders from his superior officer, he begrudgingly accepts the mission. On the way, the group comes across Rosalee Quaid (Rosamund Pike) who has recently lost her entire family in a brutal attack by Comanche warriors. She joins the group in hopes of getting revenge and finding a new home. As they journey through dangerous territory, they encounter hostile tribes, treacherous terrain, and the harsh realities of the American West. As Blocker and Yellow Hawk develop a begrudging respect for each other, tensions rise within the group due to their differing backgrounds and past traumas. But they must work together to survive the perils of their journey and ultimately confront their own demons to find a path towards redemption. Director Scott Cooper delivers a powerful and gritty Western that explores the complex relationships between Native Americans and white settlers in the late 19th century. The film is highlighted by strong performances from Shepherd, Pike, and Studi, who deliver nuanced portrayals of their characters' emotional struggles. The cinematography by Masanobu Takayanagi is breathtaking, capturing the stark beauty of the American West while also emphasizing the harsh realities of life on the frontier. The film's score, composed by Max Richter, adds to the sense of foreboding and tension throughout the story. At its core, Hostiles is a film about the weight of history and the human capacity for empathy and forgiveness. It's a powerful and thought-provoking work that stays with the viewer long after the credits roll. Overall, Hostiles is a must-watch for fans of Westerns and anyone looking for a thoughtful and emotionally impactful film. While it may not be an easy or comfortable viewing experience, its message of reconciliation and understanding is one that resonates with audiences today.

Hostiles is a Western, Drama, History movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 127 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 65.

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Scott Cooper
Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, Jesse Plemons, Adam Beach, Rory Cochrane, Ben Foster
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