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Horse Crazy Too is a charming family adventure film that was released in 2010. The movie showcases young acting talent Brittany Armstrong, portraying the lead role of Samantha, and also features the awe-inspiring Bart the Bear, amongst others. Proving to be a whisk of fresh air, director Eric Hendershot captures the essence of an old-fashioned family entertainment movie with a contemporary twist.

The film is set in the breathtakingly beautiful rural landscapes of Utah which brings forth a potpourri of scenic beauty accompanied by the theme of wild horses, mystery, friendship, and love. The cinematography by Gavin Vanderpool captures the area’s natural beauty that adds an additional layer to the narration, bringing an authentic, old-west charm that reinforces the theme of freedom and adventure the plot offers.

Bringing back characters from the previous sequel, Horse Crazy, Brittany Armstrong shines as Samantha, a smart, resourceful, horse-loving teenager who, with her energetic younger brother, TJ, played by Dalin Christiansen, seeks to solve a mystery concurred over an astonishing quest. This time around, the adventure involves finding a one-of-a-kind Spanish...

David Candland provides much of the adult support as their dedicated rancher father, Jim. Together, they are the distinctive embodiment of an enduring American symbol, a family deeply intertwined with the land and the animals they love. Their relationship and their shared equine passion takes center stage as the stories of their thrilling adventures begin to unfold.

Their world gets turned upside-down when a beautiful and rare circus horse gets stolen in transit. It turns out, the horse was to be presented as a gift to the governor’s daughter, which elevates the urgency even more. The authorities have little luck tracking it down, and so Samantha and TJ take matters into their own hands. Having already gained a reputation from their previous adventure, no one criticizes them or takes their investigation lightly.

What follows is an exciting journey filled with clever deductions, obligatory chases, laughter-filled moments, and endless excitement as these young investigators follow one clue after the next in hopes of solving this captivating mystery. The delight is in watching these young characters employing their smarts, courage, wits alongside their handy horsemanship skills to unravel this mystery, all while developing lifelong lessons about friendship, responsibility, and family along the way.

Bart the Bear, one of the most revered animal actors in the film industry, serves as one of the protagonists, making the film even more captivating. Samantha and TJ find themselves attractive to this giant beast, adding another element of surprise to the storyline, and it undoubtedly contributes to the film's heartfelt and thrilling moments.

Samantha's character has been crafted interestingly by Brittany, who enables her to articulate typical teenage impulses whilst wrapping them in a cocoon of maturity and responsibility, hence making her relatable for the viewers of all age groups. Christiansen, as the younger brother, provides comic relief, his antics and innocence leaving you giggling and smiling through the film in the most organic way possible.

The film explores not only the thrilling escapades the kids embark on but also captures the essence of ranch life, the indomitable bond between humans and horses, and the strength of family ties. Infused with humor, suspense, and drama, "Horse Crazy Too" is a heartwarming journey of discovery, coming of age, and a tale of friendship that transcends species. The movie's score enhances the film's playful spirit and complements the plot's twists and turns.

In conclusion, Horse Crazy Too is a wholesome film offering a blend of adventure, humor, family ties, and mystery rolled into one. It is a magical, enthralling film for all horse-loving children and their families, as it tells an enchanting tale of two brave, resourceful children and their adventures. It’s a film that teaches kids about bravery, resourcefulness, and determination, and, at the same time, impresses the adults with its wholesome family appeal. The moments of humor, suspense, and drama throughout the movie make it a must-watch for anyone seeking a heartwarming family time film.

Horse Crazy Too is a Drama, Kids & Family, Comedy movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 89 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of undefined..

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