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Wild Horse Wild Ride is an exciting documentary that relays the story of various wild horses, also known as mustangs, and their journey to the Wild Horse Adoption Challenge. This competition, which has been held annually since 2007, brings together elite horse trainers from all across the country who each select a wild horse and work to train it and prepare it for competition in just one hundred days.

The film starts with a captivating view of wild mustangs running free at their natural habitat, suggesting the beauty and allure of these creatures. Following that, we see a number of trainers across the US ranging from a retired cowboy to a schoolteacher, sign-up to take part in the competition with the hope of finding their wild horse to train and ultimately compete alongside. The trainers are often paired with a young and scared wild horse which has never socialized with humans or domesticated animals, which sets up the documentary for a narrative of hope and determination.

Carlos Chee, a Native American horse trainer, stands out notably in this documentary, being the only one of his ethnic background to participate in the competition. Carlos is shown as gentle, knowledgeable, and intuitive, an experienced horse whisperer that has a deep connection to his horse, Wolf. Throughout the documentary, Chee narrates his own journey with Wolf, explaining his understanding and respect for the horse based on his cultural background. The documentary gives insight into Chee's Navajo heritage, reminding the viewer that horses are a crucial part of Navajo culture and belief system.

The documentary then proceeds to show each trainer and horse as they take their initial steps towards building a relationship, or in other cases, regaining the trust of the wild horse. Here, we witness the patience, care, and dedication required to take a wild mustang and transform it into a trained, well-mannered horse in record time. Viewers will root for their favorite trainers and watch as they experiment with different training methods, hoping that their horse will learn faster and excel in the competition. Throughout the entire movie, subtle glimpses of danger and risk are evident, as the trainers work with the very unpredictable horses to build a partnership.

The shots of the trainers leading horses over complicated obstacles while riding around with their equine partners definitely add excitement and thrill to the documentary. A particular scene of Carlos Chee performing a routine with Wolf to Native American music is incredibly moving and mesmerizing to watch, highlighting the synchronicity between the trainer and his horse. The soundtrack of the documentary successfully weaves together both original and licensed songs, immersing the audience in the emotional and immersive experience of the competition.

The last thirty minutes of the movie capture the climax where all the trainers and their horses come together at Fort Worth, Texas, to compete in seven different events, and display the results of months of hard work and dedication. The events are different this year, with novel challenges such as the Creative Cowboy Trail Class and the Mustang Makeover Select Finals. The documentary makes sure to emphasize the talent and hard work of the trainers, and show how the relationships between trainers and horses ultimately determine the outcome.

Overall, Wild Horse Wild Ride is a compelling and inspiring documentary that presents a colourful tapestry of horse trainers, mustangs, tradition and history. The cinematography and narrative of this movie provide a deep insight into the connection between horses and their trainers and at the same time highlighting the beauty and freedom of the American wild horse. A delight to any horse-lover, it will leave you rooted for your favorite trainer and horse and moved by the transformation the horses undergo in 100 days.

Wild Horse Wild Ride is a Documentary, Western movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 106 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 55.

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