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Flicka 2 is a touching and engaging family drama that revolves around the life of the passionate young horse-loving girl, Carrie (Tammin Sursok) who is determined to follow her dream of becoming a professional rider. The movie centers around the bond between Carrie and a wild mustang, Flicka, who represents the untamed spirit and strength that Carrie herself possesses.

The movie starts with Carrie moving to a small countryside farm owned by her estranged father, Hank (Patrick Warburton), who is a tough and uncompromising rancher. Initially, Carrie struggles to fit into the new environment and tensions arise between her and her father, who disapproves of her love for horses and wants her to help with the everyday chores of the farm. Despite this, Carrie is determined to follow her dreams and convinces Hank to let her try to tame Flicka.

As Carrie slowly gains Flicka's trust, she faces several challenges that test her character and perseverance. Her relationship with her father is also strained as they struggle to reconcile their differences and mutual unspoken pain. Meanwhile, another rich rancher's son, Jake (Reilly Dolman), becomes interested in Carrie, adding a romantic subplot to the movie.

Flicka 2 explores themes of independence, family, and following your passions. The relationship between Carrie and Flicka is particularly poignant as they both symbolize the spirit of freedom and determination. While Carrie learns to find her own identity and pursue her dreams, Flicka also learns to trust humans and adapt to a new environment.

The movie features beautiful cinematography and captures the picturesque landscapes of the countryside where the story takes place. In addition, the soundtrack is noteworthy, with country music sensations Clint Black and Miranda Lambert contributing tracks that complement the movie's themes.

Overall, Flicka 2 is an uplifting and inspiring movie that emphasizes the importance of following your heart and embracing challenges that come your way. It also celebrates the bond between species and the beauty of nature. With its strong performances and beautiful storytelling, Flicka 2 is an engaging family film that will captivate viewers of all ages.

Flicka 2 is a Kids & Family, Drama movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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