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Here Comes Rusty is a delightful 2016 comedy-drama that dishes out a sizable portion of Southern charm to its audience. Directed by Tyler Russell, the film has a rich cast including beloved Joey Lauren Adams, comedic genius Fred Willard, and budding young actor Paulie Litt. With the intimacy of local settings and an unpretentious narrative, this film explores the world of dog racing intertwined with the challenges of running small-town businesses, painting a colorful portrait of life's ups and downs across one memorable week.

At the heart of the narrative is Dicky St. Jon (played by Mark Borchardt), a quirky, down-on-his-luck owner of a failing music park in Alabama. Dicky’s business is going under, and he sees little hope for its survival. Meanwhile, across town, Dicky’s tactical nemesis, Mak (played by Theo Von), runs the local dog racing track which, in contrast, is flourishing. But Mak's success is not immune to issues as managing dog races comes with its own set of challenges.

Known for his undying love and vast knowledge of dogs, Mak owns an incredible dog named Rusty who serves as a major pillar of his successful business. Rusty, almost an anomaly in the dog racing game, is always winning races, and this canine prodigy has devoted spectators who can’t resist a bet on him.

In the hope of salvaging his music park, sparked by a seemingly absurd idea, Dicky challenges Mak to a high-stakes bet: they will put their respective business holdings on the line in a race with their best dogs. Dicky is confident that his underdog pooch, a newcomer to the racing scene with much to prove, can outdo the legendary champion, Rusty. This initiates a chain of events that leads to intense drama, comedy, and an excruciating wait to the final deciding race.

As the premise takes shape, the audience is introduced to a colorful assembly of secondary characters calibrated to fit the small-town setting perfectly. Olivia (played by Joey Lauren Adams), is a waitress at the dog track who is grappling with an unfortunate past and navigating a complicated relationship with Mak. Her character brings depth to the film's emotional landscape. Critically acclaimed comic actor Fred Willard assumes the role of Mayor, known for his eccentric and humorous nature, the Mayor spices up the town’s dynamic along with numerous patrons and locals adding flavor to the film's palette.

Young actor Paulie Litt delivers an impressive performance as Les. A young boy with one of those old wise souls, Les plays a crucial part in the narrative dynamics. He works in Mak's dog track and develops a heartwarming bond with Rusty. Recognizing the dog’s talents, he plays a huge role in training the champion, bringing a sense of warmth and innocence to the story.

Here Comes Rusty is as much about the community as the main characters, with the film dropping you into the heart of this idiosyncratic Southern locale. It’s a movie with a big heart, and the quaint charm of small-town life shines through the screen.

Director Tyler Russell’s Here Comes Rusty is a captivating tale about life's unpredictability. It successfully captures human folly with a light-hearted and humorous take - a true ode to small-town southern charm. With its unique blend of comedy, drama, and heartfelt portraits of its characters' lives and struggles, Here Comes Rusty showcases a rare narrative charm that leaves a lasting impression. This film serves as a testament to the human spirit, as the characters continuously strive to overcome adversity, and embrace change and growth.

Whether it’s the oddball betting norms, dog race dynamics, highs and lows of the entrepreneurs, or the colorful cast of characters, each provides a unique thread weaving this story together. This heartfelt comedy-drama is sure to win over viewers with its offbeat charm, humanistic plot, and engaging performances. Here Comes Rusty encapsulates the soulful charm of small-town living, attaching value to simplicity, and how the human spirit can thrive even amidst adversity. It's a must-watch, especially for those looking for a heartwarming, witty and relatable film.

Here Comes Rusty is a Comedy movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 81 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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Tyler Russell
Joey Lauren Adams, Fred Willard, Mark Borchardt, Paulie Litt, Lance Nichols, Judd Derek Lormand, Theodus Crane, George Hardy
Also directed by Tyler Russell
Also starring Fred Willard
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