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Held Up is a 1999 comedy movie directed by Steve Rash and penned by screenwriters Jeff Eastin and Erik Fleming, starring popular actors such as Jamie Foxx, Nia Long, and Barry Corbin, alongside a talented ensemble cast. Jame Foxx plays Michael Dawson, a Chicago man enamored with his girlfriend, Rae, played by actress Nia Long.

The story starts as Michael takes his fiancée Rae on a road trip to should-be romantic Grand Canyon. The scenic drive is broken when Rae grows frustrated with her boyfriend, a common Joe who has just spent most of their savings on a vintage 1957 Studebaker, a classic automobile with a split windshield and loads of character.

She jumps out of the car, takes off in a bus, and leaves Michael behind in a remote desert gas station, asserting that she needs time to consider his proposal and their future. Unbeknownst to the dumped and defeated Michael, this simple gas station stop is about to turn into a wildly chaotic adventure. A cosmic twist of fate turns the gas station into a crime scene when it becomes the target of a wacky and less than skilled local gang. Michael becomes the unwilling hero stuck in the middle of a sudden hostage situation.

Jamie Foxx delivers a performance blending deft comic timing with dramatic vulnerability, effectively portraying the relatable, befuddled Michael Dawson, who must navigate the absurd and hilarious situation he finds himself in. Through his ordeal, Michael, an innocent bystander, must maintain his sanity,; outsmart the incompetent thieves, locals, and law enforcement, and figure out his complicated feelings about Rae and their relationship.

Nia Long plays the role of a fiercely independent Rae, who is unsure if a life with Michael is a wise choice or just a lopsided romantic fantasy. She is smitten yet hesitant, requiring the room to breathe, ponder, and decide her future. The evolution of her character brings a touch of emotional depth to the high-energy comedy.

Barry Corbin, a seasoned actor, plays Sheriff Pembry, who is dealing with his peculiar deputies and a town full of eccentric and quirky characters, coupled with an ongoing hostage crisis. His straightforward approach to this twisty tornado of events adds to the movie’s comedic element.

Set in a tiny town from where Rae's bus can't seem to leave, due to a local nuclear plants' alarm that traps everyone within the town's limits. The comedy of errors unfolds as news crews arrive, and the standoff gains nationwide attention. The ensuing antics lead to several unexpected interactions with an eccentric cast of characters, some weird locals, mistaken identities, and goofs of fate that turn the gas station into a circus of hilarity. Despite the chaos, friendships form, alliances shift, hearts mend, and love may or may not bloom in this feisty adventure-comedy.

The desert setting of Held Up, coupled with fluid cinematography, adds a unique flair to the comic misadventures. The arid landscape, the isolated gas station, and the quirky town give the movie a visually appealing palette that mirrors the absurdity of the events unfolding.

Anchored by the performances of its star-studded cast, Held Up is a movie that serves laughter riot in a package of a road trip gone wrong. Loaded with hilarious moments, rollicking misadventures, and a comedic spin on a crisis, Held Up is a good mix of quirky characters, unlikely happenstances, and a touch of romance. It is a light-hearted comedy movie that captures the spirit of spontaneous humor and showcases the labyrinth of love through its eccentric yet germane narrative.

In essence, Held Up is a comedy movie that capitalizes on its absurd scenarios and unpredictable plot twists to yield maximum laughs. It takes a familiar plot device – a robbery gone awfully wrong – and infuses it with vibrant characters, a hearty dose of situational humor, and an unexpected romantic subplot, making it a fun watch for those who appreciate comedy blended with a dash of thriller and a pinch of romance.

Held Up is a Comedy movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 89 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 21.

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