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Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is a comic mystery thriller directed by Jeff Garlin who also stars in the film. This 2017 movie features Ava Acres, Armani GreatDane, and Dino Battaglia among others. The clever and quirky detective flick is a unique blend of comedy and tragedy, creating a perfect cocktail of laughs and suspense - essentially a neo-noir black comedy.

The film centers around the life of Detective Gene Handsome (Jeff Garlin), a chain-smoking, washed-up, and high-functioning alcoholic who spends his nights solving brutal crimes in LA while wrestling with his own existential crisis. He's a man with a keen insight for deciphering murder clues but has a profoundly terrible judgment when it comes to his personal life, utterly clueless about the basics of human relationships. Any good deed performed ends up being magnificently botched somehow.

Ava Acres plays the role of Carrie, a sharp-witted and perceptive kid who happens to be Handsome's neighbor, while Armani Greatdane gives life to the character of Nora, an eccentric and nosy woman who lives across Handsome's residence. Dino Battaglia plays the elusive character of Roger, whose handsome exterior hides a darker side. The film's narrative cleverly builds up these characters, creating an array of unconventional suspects adding to the complexity and intrigue of the unfolding mystery.

The film starts with Handsome being pulled into a convoluted murder mystery, a theatrical plot brought alive by a dynamic cast. When a beautiful woman is found brutally murdered in her home, Handsome takes it upon himself to solve the case. As the clues appear on the surface and Handsome digs further into the mystery that engrosses him, the movie's narrative becomes increasingly interconnected and deep.

The film employs an interesting narrative technique to take viewers on a roller coaster ride of suspense. In a distinctly noir fashion, every character who crosses paths with Handsome's investigation has something to hide. Throughout his investigation, he meets a fascinating collection of LA eccentrics, each played by a selection of well-known, crowd-pleasing actors who offer a delightful panoply of quirks.

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is not just about solving a murder case, but also delves pertinently into Handsome's own life, his weaknesses, and his struggle to maintain harmony in his personal and professional life. He has to address his own shortcomings at being an effective detective, even though solving cases is second nature to him. The film also amazingly touches upon the ideas of loneliness and the incessant cravings for human connection.

Don't be fooled by the title, the film isn't just about Handsome. It features a strong ensemble cast, with each character adding a different layer to the movie's narrative. Ava Acres' confident performance as Carrie portrays the innocence yet intelligence of youth, while Armani GreatDane delivers a unique performance as Nora, filtering comic relief through her constant snooping and inquisitiveness.

Jeff Garlin is at his comedic best in the role of detective Handsome, and the movie's ultimate allure is his stupendous performance that takes us right inside the detective's paradoxical world. Across the movie, viewers get an entertaining dose of mystery, right from strange characters with even stranger motivations to the fast-paced unraveling of a convoluted crime.

Among its distinctive highlights, the film's script is brimming with snappy dialogues, making for memorable, repeatable lines that aptly pay homage to the classic detective noir genre. The film exudes a wry sense of humor, replete with a fair share of erratic and laugh-out-loud shapes. Garlin's dry humor pervades the film, making it a must-watch for lovers of this genre.

While Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie provides comic relief, it is simultaneously deep and thought-provoking. Despite its unconventional narrative, the film provides moments that will have viewers reflect on life, love, and the human condition. This uncomfortable dichotomy between the serious and the lighthearted runs throughout the movie, making it a truly unique cinematic experience.

Jeff Garlin's Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is a fascinating journey filled with comic reliefs and myriad emotions that effectively mingle the genres of comedy and mystery. The movie manages to maintain a light, funny ambiance while successfully delving deep into the noir genre's defining characteristics. It promises to keep viewers engaged with its unique storytelling, carefully crafted characters, and thoughtful humor. A delightful watch for those who love a good mix of laughter, suspense, and insightful revelations.

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is a Comedy movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 81 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2..

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