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Hand of Death, released in 1976, is a classic martial arts movie directed by the legendary John Woo who possesses an impressive filmography which includes action-packed films like 'Hard Boiled' and 'Face/Off'. The film showcases a stellar cast including Tao-Liang Tan, James Tien, and a young Jackie Chan, who also served as the stunt coordinator. This earlier work of Jackie Chan offers viewers a glimpse of the charisma and stunt prowess that would later skyrocket him to international fame.

Set in 18th century China during the Quing Dynasty's rule, Hand of Death presents an image of a society in chaos and turmoil. The story focuses on Yun Fei (Tao-Liang Tan), an idealistic young martial artist from the Shaolin Temple who is tasked with a secretive, yet significant mission. He is to deliver a critical message to the provincial governor, a crucial move in reigniting the flames of a just rebellion under the looming shadow of a dictatorial regime.

However, this journey offers much more challenge than it seems as his path leads him into confrontation with those in service of the brutal warlord, Shih, played by James Tien. Shih, notorious for his ruthlessness, seeks to stomp out any inkling of resistance through his powerful combat abilities and insidious corruption that seeps into society's roots.

In this blend of action and intrigue, viewers are also introduced to a then-rising star, Jackie Chan, who gives a potent performance as a drifter named Tan Feng. While only in a supporting role, Chan's exceptional martial arts skills and natural comedic timing provide extra dimensions to the film, contributing to its overall appeal and the movie's subsequent cult status.

Throughout the film Hand of Death, viewers are treated to a series of impeccably choreographed fight scenes, as expected from such a stellar lineup of martial arts talents. Each scene showcases a different fighting style, from the direct and brutal skirmishes, graceful and acrobatic aerial battles, to the intricate swordplay. All these are brilliantly performed and strategically captured, that not only progresses the action narrative but also gives the audience an insightful look into the versatility and depth of Chinese martial arts.

Although much of the film revolves around the physical conflict brewing among the characters, it also explores themes of honor, personal duty and sacrifice. The story not only brings attention to the rampant injustice governing the society at that time, but it also highlights the essential role that every individual has in inciting change, regardless of their social standing. This multi-layered narrative frees the film from being just another martial arts flick and turns it into a more profound study of human condition, a social commentary veiled in action and suspense.

The cinematography of Hand of Death is also worth mentioning which transports us into the historical setting of the 18th century effortlessly. Every frame, every wide shot invokes a deliberate use of colors and shadows, creating a sense of realism and urgency, adding to the film's overall mood.

Moreover, there is a unique camaraderie between the characters that develops throughout the film. The bonds formed among these individuals, each distinct in their nature and purpose, effectively humanize them amidst the ongoing struggle. Their interactions provide appropriate breaks from the high-paced action and delves into their personalities, lending a more character-driven storytelling.

Furthermore, the film's musical score supplement the narrative with its melodic elements, capturing the tradition of Chinese music and enhancing the overall authentic atmosphere of the film.

Whilst clearly an archetypal John Woo film featuring all his trademark directing styles, Hand of Death is also a milestone in Jackie Chan's career. It offers an opportunity for audiences to appreciate Chan's early dedication to his craft as a martial artist and budding actor. This film will surely delight the fans of this genre, while giving them a taste of the early work of personalities who would later rule the martial arts cinema.

All in all, Hand of Death, embraces the thrills and philosophies of its genre. It isn't just a film filled with impressive martial arts battles, but it is also rich in its narrative, embodying the message of resilience and courage against adversity. The film remains a classic martial arts movie that showcases not only awe-inspiring fight scenes but also the strength of human spirit and the power of justice.

Hand of Death is a Action movie released in 1976. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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