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In the 2018 comedy special Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers, Fred Armisen splits comedy ribs while nailing paradiddles in what could comfortably be described as a unique melding of sketch comedy and keynote for the drumming-enthusiast niche. The hour-long stand-up comedy performance was shot at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and streamed on Netflix, offering fans and music buffs a joyful ride through Armisen's quirky mind, highlighting his undisguised love for music and drums, intermingled with his signature idiosyncratic humor.

Armisen, a Saturday Night Live alumnus and co-creator of the beloved Portlandia series, proves with this show that his talents expand beyond his established comedic sketch and acting roles. He is a bonafide musician and drummer in his own right, with knowledge and experience that permeates every joke he tells. The talented dual-threat combines his comedic prowess with his musical capabilities, providing a delightful performance that not only entertains but displays Armisen's genuine passion for the art of drumming.

The title of this special is notably accurate as Armisen spends a considerable part of his act discussing, dissecting, and demonstrating various aspects of drumming, from the simplistic mechanics of a drumbeat to the specific rhythmic styles associated with different regions or music genres. Fellow drummers Clem Burke and Vinnie Colaiuta appear alongside Armisen, their expertise adding depth to several segments and adding credibility to Armisen’s palpable admiration for the craft.

Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers is jam-packed with a range of amusing gimmicks aimed at drummers of all levels. Armisen recreates the drumming styles of various eras, from jazz and rock to punk and disco, as well as the accents of the respective drummers. But to label the show as being strictly about drumming would be misleading. Armisen ventures from his central drumming theme to address a wide variety of subjects from his own experiences, regional humor to nuanced observations of everyday life, providing a fresh and unconventional spin on traditional stand-up comedy.

An especially noteworthy aspect of the performance is Armisen's crowd work, a staple in stand-up comedy. But in this case, his interaction doesn’t solely rely on getting quick laughs – he dives into conversations that often evolve into engaging and informative discussions about drumming. Demonstrating his continued ability to connect on a personal level with the audience, Armisen uses their involvement to bring forward the 'music geek' side of his act.

While the show's title might make it seem that only those who know how to keep a beat or swing a stick would enjoy the show, Fred Armisen's Standup For Drummers is not solely for those with an intimate knowledge of a drum kit. Armisen's lovable, offbeat, and witty delivery combined with his vast comedic experience makes the show accessible to a wider audience. Even those whose drumming knowledge is limited to tapping out a beat on their steering wheel will get a kick out of Armisen's love letter to drummers.

Visually, the setting of the special plays off a fluid vibe. The Great American Music Hall stage is set to create a comfortable ambiance, resembling a cozy club or retro rehearsal room adorned with a broad range of drums and percussion instruments. The cool, laid-back aesthetics fit perfectly into Armisen’s cool, jazz-infused concept, the intimate setting working brilliantly to create a warm, inviting space where comedy, music, and conversation converge.

A clear throughline of Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers is his palpable love for the art of drumming, his respect for its intricacies, and his enthusiasm for sharing his passion. Although the material may sound disjointed on paper – part history lesson, part musical demonstration, and part stand-up routine – Armisen pieces everything together seamlessly, managing to keep the audience laughing while they learn.

In essence, Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers is both a comedy special and a love letter to music - particularly drumming. This unique approach to stand-up, intertwining humor and a crash course in musical history, only strengthens the case for Fred Armisen as one of the most creative, innovative, and endearing comedians in the business today. Whether you're a drummer, a music enthusiast, or just a fan of Armisen's unique brand of humor, this standout special is well worth a watch.

Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers is a Music, Comedy movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 65 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

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