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Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 science-fiction movie directed by Randal Kleiser. The movie follows the story of a twelve-year-old boy named David (Joey Cramer), who mysteriously vanishes for eight years and reappears without having aged a day. David has no recollection of where he has been or how he got there, but he soon realizes that something extraordinary has happened to him.

David is reunited with his family, and a series of medical tests reveal that he has some unique abilities, including telekinesis and the ability to absorb information quickly. However, his parents become distressed when they learn he has no memory of the past eight years of his life. They hope that he will eventually recover his memories, but David begins to suspect that something more sinister has happened to him.

He explores the forest where he was last seen before disappearing and comes across a metallic object, which suddenly transports him into an alternate dimension. David soon discovers that he has been abducted by an alien spaceship, driven by an artificial intelligence named Max, voiced by Paul Reubens.

Max has been sent by an advanced civilization to collect biological data from Earth to help them save their dying race. The spaceship had taken David on board on its previous mission and had entered into a symbiotic relationship with him. As a result, David's unique abilities had been enhanced, and his consciousness had been linked with that of Max.

David's goal is to find a way to return to his own time and discovers that Max possesses the capability to transport him. David then embarks upon a mission to help Max find the necessary biological samples while also using Max's assistance to uncover what happened to him during the eight years he was missing.

Flight of the Navigator was released in 1986 and quickly became a family classic, captivating the imaginations of children and adults alike with its thrilling premise, outstanding special effects, and its memorable soundtrack. The story explores themes such as identity, trust, and what it means to be different. It also brings up interesting ideas about the possibility of time travel and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The visuals in the movie are stunningly impressive, particularly the scenes featuring the alien spaceship flying through the skies. Even by today's standards, the effects hold up remarkably well, considering the movie was made over thirty years ago. The use of practical effects makes the alien spaceship feel tangible, and the designs of the interior of the spaceship also give audiences a taste of what it might be like to travel across the universe.

Joey Cramer delivers an impressive performance as David, effortlessly shifting between moments of confusion, terror, and wonder. Paul Reubens' performance as the voice of the spaceship, Max, is also incredibly engaging, with his robotic, but personable voice, providing comedic relief throughout the movie.

The movie's soundtrack, featuring songs from both today and the eighties, is an outstanding complement to the story. The theme song "Flight of the Navigator" by Alan Silvestri is particularly memorable and does an excellent job of capturing the feeling of adventure and excitement the movie embodies.

In conclusion, Flight of the Navigator is a charming, innovative, and creative family movie that uniquely explores the themes of identity, trust and what it means to be different. Its groundbreaking special effects, combined with thrilling performances from Joey Cramer, Paul Reubens, Cliff De Young, and other cast members, make it a true representation of 1980s sci-fi. It remains a popular family classic even thirty years after its release and continues to appeal to both young and adult audiences alike.

Flight of the Navigator is a Kids & Family, Science Fiction, Adventure movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 64.

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