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Everyone's Hero is a heartwarming animated comedy from 2006, filled with adventure, perseverance, and fun, featuring voice talents such as Jake T. Austin, Brian Dennehy, and Whoopi Goldberg. Directed by Colin Brady, Christopher Reeve (famously known as Superman) and Daniel St. Pierre, the film is set during the heart of the Great Depression, offering an inspiring tale that is bound to capture the hearts of children and adults alike.

The story follows a ten-year-old boy named Yankee Irving, voiced by Jake T. Austin. Yankee is a baseball fanatic, living in the shadow of the Yankee Stadium. Although always seeming to strike out at his baseball games, nothing deters the spirit and love that he has for the sport. Yankee is the kind of kid that dreams big, refusing to let his failures detract from his goals or his love for baseball. The boy’s journey takes a surprising turn when he unexpectedly becomes a hero, both in his own eyes and those of many others.

His adventure starts when Babe Ruth’s prized bat, lovingly named "Darlin," is stolen from the Yankee Stadium, and Yankee's father, voiced by Mandy Patinkin, gets undeservedly blamed for the theft. Yankee takes it upon himself to retrieve the precious bat, believing that finding it can clear his father's name and restore his family's honor.

Animating the inanimate, Darlin isn’t just a bat, but a character in its own right—voiced by none other than Whoopi Goldberg. Another fun friend Yankee meets on his quest is a chatty Baseball named Screwie, given life by the talented Rob Reiner. These two unlikely companions accompany Yankee on his cross-country adventure to return the bat.

Everyone's Hero also presents other notable characters, such as a friendly hobo voiced by Brian Dennehy and an evil yet somewhat clumsy antagonist named Lefty Maginnis, voiced by the charming William H. Macy. These varied characters add more depth and color to Yankee Irving's extraordinary adventure, making the film a fun-filled ride that keeps viewers engaged at all times.

Set against the backdrop of 1930s America, the animation style of Everyone’s Hero realistically mimics the era while also staying approachable and lively, making it suitable and enjoyable for younger audiences. The movie integrates historical elements without over-complicating things, taking real-life events as a backdrop to add a touch of authenticity to the story while injecting it with whimsy and charm.

The movie cleverly touches on numerous themes, such as the importance of hard work, determination, belief in oneself, and never giving up, no matter the odds. It teaches viewers that being a hero isn't about being the strongest or the fastest—it's about standing up for what you believe in and making a difference. It encourages kids and adults alike to chase after their dreams, no matter how unattainable they may seem.

As a comedy, Everyone’s Hero packs a lot of laughs that are natural and unforced, effective in keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable. It mixes in slapstick humor that younger audiences will love, along with more nuanced jokes that adults can appreciate.

The voice acting in Everyone's Hero is another strength. From Jake T. Austin's innocent and determined Yankee to Whoopi Goldberg's wisdom-filled Darlin', each actor brings their respective characters to life, their passion noticeable and contagious.

In summary, Everyone's Hero is a delightful animated film filled with the incredible journey of a young boy’s brave adventure from his backyard to one of the biggest platforms of baseball — the World Series. While packed with an entertaining story, fun characters, and splendid graphics, the movie effortlessly highlights the positive values of courage, determination, and standing for what is right. It serves as a heartwarming tale that brings together humor, friendship, adventure, and inspiration, proving to all that becoming a hero is possible for anyone. Everyone’s Hero will definitely be a home run for those who appreciate an uplifting underdog tale.

Everyone's Hero is a Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 2006. It has a runtime of 87 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 51.

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Christopher Reeve,Daniel St. Pierre,Colin Brady
Jake T. Austin, William H. Macy, Rob Reiner, Brian Dennehy, Raven-Symoné, Robert Wagner, Richard Kind, Dana Reeve, Joe Torre, Forest Whitaker, Mandy Patinkin, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams
Also starring Fanny Aizenberg
Also starring Sam Bankhalter
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