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The Last of the Finest, released in 1990, is an action-packed crime drama film certain to enthrall connoisseurs of the genre. With Brian Dennehy in the lead role, ably supported by Joe Pantoliano and Jeff Fahey, the film is an engaging orchestration of suspense, intrigue, and relentless action.

Set against the backdrop of law enforcement in Los Angeles, the film follows the challenging journey of Frank Daly (Brian Dennehy), an experienced and tenacious LAPD detective whose devotion to justice eclipses his commitments to the rulebook. With a wisecracking personality and a determined resolve, he leads a specialized squad whose purpose is to bring down a ruthless drug cartel that has been wreaking havoc in the city.

His elite squad consists of three talented policemen- Wayne Gross (Joe Pantoliano), Ricky Rodriguez (Jeff Fahey), and Howard 'Hojo' Jones (Bill Paxton). With contrasting personalities and a strong camaraderie, the squad forms the heart and soul of this movie. Together, they rely on unconventionality, street-smart tactics and sheer grit to solve the case.

Wayne, the veteran, has a high sense of loyalty, Ricky, the young blood, who is charming, ambitious and reckless and ‘Hojo’, the charismatic and reliable bomb expert, together they’ve turned this ambitious and diverse group into a formidable force. They all give fine performances in their respective roles, adding substance to the film's multifaceted narrative.

However, the course of justice doesn’t run smooth. They clash with their bureaucratic superiors, who are riddled with corruption and seek to thwart the squad's pursuit of justice, eventually leading to their suspension. Undeterred, the group continues their investigation—laying their careers, reputations, and lives on the line for the city they love.

With its taut narrative, The Last of the Finest delves into themes of ethics, loyalty, and sacrifice, painting a vivid portrait of the harsh realities of law enforcement. These themes are further elevated by the film's robust script, which walks a fine line between an engaging police action-drama and a nuanced examination of moral ambiguity.

Director John Mackenzie, known for his impeccable knack for storytelling, pays intricate detail to the character development. He lays threads of their personal lives across the plotline, adding depth and relatability to the protagonists. Combined with the electric chemistry amongst the lead cast, the film, thus, unleashes a highly emotive dimension.

The movie also shines in its action sequences. The gritty confrontations, thrilling car chases, explosion scenes, and firearm battles, all bundled up with the background of Los Angeles's grimy streets, night clubs, and lush locales, make for a visual spectacle. This high-octane action cleverly juxtaposes with the human drama, creating a gripping storyline that keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats.

Adding to the experience are the film's technicalities. The pulsating background score heightens the tension, while the cinematography illuminally illustrates the raw spaces of crime and the grime of the underworld, manifesting an air of pervasive danger that hangs above the protagonists.

Brian Dennehy, in the lead role, perfectly captures the essence of his character. His towering screen presence, coupled with the sheer audacity of his character, forms the cornerstone of the film. Pantoliano, as the loyal officer, and Fahey, as the reckless rookie, deliver commendable performances, each bringing a unique angle to their characters.

In gripping fashion, The Last of the Finest delivers a vivid portrayal of dedicated cops on a mission, their hands tied by the system they are a part of, yet hell-bent on protecting their beloved city. This high-intensity drama unflinchingly explores the gray areas of law enforcement, redefining the traditional norms of an action-crime film.

All the elements – complex characters, engaging storyline, adrenaline-rush scenes, timeless themes, and commendable performances, blend seamlessly to make The Last of the Finest a compelling crime action movie. So, if you are looking for an exciting and thought-provoking police drama that masterfully combines action and emotion, this is one to watch.

The Last of the Finest is a Mystery, Suspense, Action, Adventure movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 106 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

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