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Drunken Master II, also known as Legend of Drunken Master, is a 1994 Hong Kong martial arts film starring Jackie Chan, Ho-Sung Pak, and Lung Ti. It is the second movie in the Drunken Master series, released 16 years after the first film in the series.

The movie follows Wong Fei-hung (played by Jackie Chan), a martial arts expert who uses his skills to protect his village from a group of British imperialist smugglers who are attempting to steal ancient Chinese artifacts. Fei-hung is aided by his father, Wong Kei-ying (played by Lung Ti), who is a physician and martial arts master.

The film is set in the late 19th century in China during the Qing Dynasty, and it explores themes such as loyalty, family, honor, and respect. The plot revolves around the British smugglers' attempts to steal an artifact called the "Ginseng King," which they plan to smuggle out of China and sell for a large profit.

One of the unique aspects of the movie is Chan's use of the "drunken style" of martial arts, which involves exaggerated swaying, stumbling, and a lack of coordination that is meant to mimic the movements of a drunk person. Chan takes this style to new heights in the movie, showcasing his impressive physical abilities and agility while appearing seemingly inebriated.

The fight scenes in the movie are expertly choreographed, blending traditional martial arts styles with the "drunken style." These scenes are some of the most memorable in the movie, with Chan displaying his comedic timing and physical prowess to great effect. The action is fast-paced and frenetic, with a level of energy and intensity that keeps the audience engaged throughout.

In addition to the fight scenes, the movie also has comedic elements. Chan's character is known for his mischievous behavior and playful demeanor, and this is on full display in the movie. The humor is light-hearted and adds a welcome levity to the action-packed plot.

Throughout the film, themes of family and loyalty are explored. Fei-hung has a strained relationship with his father, but as the movie progresses, they begin to understand and respect each other more. This relationship is contrasted with the British smugglers, who are ultimately motivated by greed and have no loyalty to anyone but themselves.

The movie was directed by Lau Kar-leung and Jackie Chan, with Chan also serving as the action choreographer. The film was a box office success in Asia and helped cement Chan's status as a martial arts superstar. It was also well-received critically, praised for its action choreography, comedic elements, and exploration of themes like loyalty and family.

One of the standout scenes in the movie is the final fight between Chan's character and the main villain, played by Ho-Sung Pak. The fight takes place in a factory filled with various hazards, including a blazing furnace and a pit of molten steel. The choreography and execution of the fight scene are nothing short of breathtaking, with Chan and Pak displaying their respective martial arts skills to great effect.

In conclusion, Drunken Master II, also known as Legend of Drunken Master, is a must-see movie for fans of martial arts films. It features expertly choreographed fight scenes, comedic elements, and a compelling plot that explores themes like loyalty, family, and honor. Jackie Chan's performance is a standout, showcasing his physical abilities, comedic timing, and charismatic presence. Whether you are a fan of martial arts movies or just looking for a thrilling and entertaining action-packed film, Drunken Master II is definitely worth your time.

Drunken Master II is a Action, Comedy movie released in 1994. It has a runtime of 102 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 74.

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