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Don't Fence Me In is a 1945 Western film starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, and George "Gabby" Hayes. The film was directed by John English and written by Robert T. Shannon and Norman S. Hall.

The film follows Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger, as they come upon a group of settlers who are being threatened by a group of outlaws. The outlaws want the settlers to leave their land so they can use it for their own purposes. Roy decides to help the settlers and together they fight against the outlaws to protect their land.

Throughout the film, there are many action-packed scenes involving shootouts, horse chases, and daring stunts. Roy Rogers, known as the "King of the Cowboys," is a skilled horseman and marksman, and he puts these talents on display throughout the film. While Rogers is the clear star of the film, his horse Trigger is also an important part of the story. Trigger is a beautiful golden palomino and is known for his intelligence and impressive stunt work.

George "Gabby" Hayes plays the role of Roy's sidekick, Gabby Whittaker. Gabby is an old friend of Roy's and provides comic relief throughout the film. Hayes played this type of character in many films throughout his career and was known for his unique voice and humorous antics.

The film also features several musical numbers, which were a common feature in Roy Rogers' films. These songs are woven into the narrative and provide a nice break from the action. Rogers' singing is pleasant and his cowboy ballads are catchy and memorable.

The theme of the film is the importance of defending one's land and standing up for what is right. The settlers in the film are determined to protect their property and are not willing to back down in the face of adversity. This message is reinforced throughout the film and serves as a reminder of the values that were held dear by many Americans during this time period.

In conclusion, Don't Fence Me In is an enjoyable Western film that showcases the talents of Roy Rogers, Trigger, and George "Gabby" Hayes. The action scenes are exciting, the musical numbers add a nice touch, and the message of the film is timeless. Western fans and Roy Rogers enthusiasts will not be disappointed by this classic film.

Don't Fence Me In is a Action, Western movie released in 1945. It has a runtime of 71 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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