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Destined is a unique and thought-provoking film directed by Qasim Basir and released in 2016. The film stars popular actors Jesse Metcalfe, Jason Dohring, and Hill Harper, among others. However, the character at the epicenter of this narrative is Rasheed, brilliantly portrayed by Cory Hardrict. It takes us on a revelation-filled journey through two different paths, both embodying the same man's life.

Weaving its narrative between parallel realities, one reality is molded by Rasheed’s life as a successful architect while the other sweeps through the struggles of his life as a drug lord. Rasheed’s two distinct yet interconnected lives somehow manage to collide, forced to confront the consequences and potential outcomes of the decisions and choices made in each life.

The film is remarkable in the way it effortlessly weaves back and forth between these two lives. It gives the audience an astoundingly limpid view of how simple choices and surrounding circumstances can significantly impact a person's life. The film scrutinizes social norms, social bias, racial inequality, economic deprivation, and the stark dichotomy of life's paths within urban American society.

Cory Hardrict gives a holistically convincing portrayal of Rasheed, adeptly manifesting the struggles, highs, and lows of both characters. His performance is jointly reflective and forward-looking, inspiring the audience to consider the apparent realities versus the what-ifs of their own lives. The authenticity of Hardrict is matched by compelling performances from the supporting cast, including Margot Bingham, La La Anthony, Robert Christopher Riley, and Jesse Metcalfe.

Jesse Metcalfe’s role as Officer Holder sets a significant pace in the film. He deftly portrays a cop who is part of a system battling the streets, but more importantly, one that is battling his own personal questions and demons.

Jason Dohring, influential as the determined and clear-headed Nathan Miller, and Hill Harper, perfect as Mayor Jones, contribute to making Destined a memorable and penetrating movie experience. They brilliantly display how individuals navigate the complexities of their respective roles in society and how their actions and decisions determine the events unfolding in Rasheed’s life.

Destined delves into themes that are not only relevant and current but have historical precedence. It explores the deep-rooted systemic discrimination and social inequity present in our society. It does so not by pointing fingers but rather by showcasing the potential and the strength contained within the individual to exceed over these adversities. It's a story about the power of choice, about destiny, about free will, and the role that society plays in shaping these elements.

The cinematography of Destined utilizes the grittiness of the urban streets and sharp architectural intricacies to tell its story. Each frame is crucial and captivating, reflecting the lives of the characters and the diversity in their reality.

Director Qasim Basir's efforts to craft a movie that is simultaneously entertaining and profound are triumphant in Destined. Through its exploration of parallel realities, it provokes both empathy and examination—an exploration of the deep intricacies of human nature, personal resilience, and the impact of the wider societal environment on individual lives.

In conclusion, the film Destined is a commendable piece of cinema that intertwines facets of urban struggle, personal choice, parallel lives, and societal reflection. Each element seamlessly blends to create a story that is empowering, thought-provoking, and indeed, a treat for film enthusiasts. The film's artistic presentation and the inspired performances of a well-casted ensemble ensure that it stands out as a captivating narrative that compels us to reflect on the influence of our decisions in shaping our destiny.

Destined is a Fantasy, Drama movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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