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Deadly Exchange is a fast-paced thriller directed by Tom Shell and released in 2017. The film stars Lindsay Hartley, Cynthia Watros, and Valentina Novakovic in leading roles. It tells the story of Samantha (played by Hartley), a high-school teacher living in a small town, who agrees to host a foreign exchange student named Anna (Novakovic) for a semester. But soon after Anna arrives, Samantha and her family start experiencing a series of inexplicable and dangerous events, which lead them to suspect that Anna may not be who she claims to be. The movie begins with a cheerful and optimistic Samantha getting ready to host Anna, a teenage girl from Europe, whom she hopes to introduce to the American way of life. Anna is introduced as a smart and charming girl, who quickly wins over Samantha's husband Ethan (Jason-Shane Scott) and their young daughter Ellie (Sophie Guest). Samantha and Anna start spending a lot of time together and soon become close friends, with Anna confiding in Samantha about her troubled past and her desire to start anew. However, things take a dark turn when Samantha starts experiencing strange occurrences in her home, such as missing items and unexplained noises. Meanwhile, at school, Anna starts showing signs of being manipulative and conniving, causing trouble for Samantha and her colleagues. Samantha starts to suspect that Anna may not be the innocent girl she portrays herself to be, especially when a private investigator hired by Samantha's jealous friend Jennifer (Watros) uncovers a shocking revelation about Anna's true identity. As the movie progresses, the tension escalates, and Samantha's fears become more intense. She becomes convinced that Anna is trying to destroy her family and take over her life. Samantha's attempts to find out the truth about Anna lead her down a dangerous path, as she uncovers a sinister plot involving Anna and her mysterious past. The film is a gripping thriller that keeps the audience engaged until the very end. The performances by Lindsay Hartley and Valentina Novakovic are superb, with Hartley perfectly capturing Samantha's vulnerability and determination, and Novakovic playing the duplicitous Anna with an eerie charisma. The supporting cast, including Watros as the scheming Jennifer, is also exceptional, adding depth and complexity to the film's narrative. The movie's direction and cinematography are equally impressive, with Shell's masterful use of lighting and camera angles heightening the suspense and creating a sense of unease throughout the film. The pacing is well-managed, with the film moving at a brisk pace, but never feeling rushed. The musical score by Claude Foisy is haunting and adds to the sense of dread that permeates the movie. In conclusion, Deadly Exchange is a thrilling and suspenseful movie that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The film's strong performances, direction, and cinematography, combined with its well-crafted story and intense pacing, make it a standout in the thriller genre. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good mystery and a suspenseful ride.

Deadly Exchange is a Crime, Drama, TV Movie, Thriller movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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Tom Shell
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