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D is a gripping Indian crime film that was released in 2005, directed by Vishram Sawant and co-produced by Ram Gopal Varma and R. R. Venkat. The film stars Randeep Hooda, Chunky Pandey, and Rukhsar Rehman in lead roles. It is the third film in the Indian Gangster trilogy, following "Satya" (1998) and "Company" (2002). Remaining true to the raw and gritty essence of its precursors, D continues to draw audiences into the murky world of the Indian mafia, going in-depth into the power dynamics and internal workings that come with it.

"D" tells the story of a young man, Deshu, played by Randeep Hooda, who is inadvertently pulled into the underworld after a tragic incident. Raised in the ghettos of Mumbai, Deshu’s life takes a turn when he stands up against the tyranny of a local mobster, only to find himself entangled in a web far more dangerous than he had imagined. In this grim narrative, the film delves into the psyche of this everyday man as he navigates his way through the dangerous path of crime and power.

Here, Randeep Hooda delivers a stunning performance, pulling off the gradual transformation of a common man into a fearsome gangster with remarkable finesse. His hard-hitting portrayal of Deshu lends authenticity to the character and the film. The role marked a significant milestone in Hooda’s acting career and has often been noted as one of his finest performances.

Chunky Pandey, in a significant shift from his usual comic roles, plays Raghav, a subordinate in the gang who fears Deshu's rising influence and power. His performance as the terrified yet defiant Raghav emphasises the volatile and threatening nature of the underworld, where loyalty shifts at the drop of a hat.

Rukshar Rehman, as the caring sister of Deshu, delivers a heartfelt performance, showcasing her character’s pain and internal conflict and making the audience empathise with their circumstances. Her performance highlights the sequelae of organized crime that affect those on the periphery, adding another dimension to the narrative.

The script of the movie is filled with edgy dialogues that give a realistic portrayal of the street-life in Mumbai’s crime-ridden neighbourhoods. The narrative is fast-paced, dropping the audience right in the heart of action, keeping them engaged, and intrigued throughout.

"D" sets itself apart with its relentlessly grim and brutal depiction of power struggles. Sawant has left no stone unturned in creating a realistic portrayal of the underworld, where the only rule is survival of the fittest. The movie vividly captures the heart and mind of its protagonist, making for a truly reflective journey. It provides a study on how circumstances and personal grievances can forge a man’s fate, turning even the most ordinary individuals into feared mobsters.

The cinematography is another highlight of "D." Its grim color palette, dynamic camera angles, and shadowy lighting successfully establish a haunting and menacing ambience, heightening the tension throughout the movie. The movie incorporates Mumbai as a living, breathing entity, which becomes a character in its own right and perfectly complements the narrative.

The ominous background score further enhances the dark and brooding atmosphere, underlining the suspense and fear that permeates the criminal world. Another noteworthy aspect is its introduction of a variety of shady, ambiguous characters that bring out diverse aspects of life in the Mumbai underworld.

"D" challenges conventions on multiple levels while grippingly taking its audience through the intricacies of a world that lies beneath the glossy surface of the city of dreams. It successfully combines elements of power, fear, loyalty, and betrayal to conjure up a compelling narrative, giving audiences a sneak peek into the ruthless realities of the underworld. This storyline, along with commendable performances by the cast, makes "D" an engaging addition to films revolving around the theme of organized crime.

"D" is an unflinching, stark film that encapsulates the grim reality of the criminal underworld, reminding us of the human stories behind the headlines, making it a must-watch for those interested in gritty crime dramas.

D is a Thriller, Crime, Drama movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

Vishram Sawant
Randeep Hooda, Chunky Pandey, RukhsarIsha Koppikar, Yashpal Sharma, Sushant Singh, Goga Kapoor, Ishrat Ali, Nagesh Bhonsle
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