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Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State is a stand-up comedy special that premiered on Netflix in 2019. The show is hosted by American comedian and actor Colin Quinn who is well known for his satirical political commentary.

The 65-minute special takes a deep dive into the political divide that exists in America. Colin Quinn ventures to break down the left versus right divide and explore the reasons behind the feud through the prism of modern-day politics.

Red State Blue State offers a no-holds-barred approach that is both informative as it is funny. Colin Quinn uses humor as a tool to explore the political landscape of the country, showcasing the differences deep-seated in both political parties that have led to incessant squabbles between the two.

As he delves deeper into his bit, the comedian draws a connection between the existing divides that exist in America and the personality characteristics that shape them. Colin Quinn shows how the left tends to be liberal and rebellious by nature, while the right often aligns more with traditional values and conservative principles. From his perspective, both parties are inherently biased against each other, and thus, their failure to compromise leads to the existing political discord in America.

The show is filmed in an intimate setting, with the comedian taking the stage for a solo performance. He uses his signature deadpan humor to highlight the differing attitudes between the two parties, making risqué jokes regarding some of the most contentious issues dividing America such as gun control, immigration, and religion.

Over the course of the special, Colin Quinn uses his skilful observations and biting wit to scrutinize American society and its political landscape. He encourages the audience to look at politics with a sense of humor, and how this approach can lead to understanding and acceptance of opposing views.

Colin Quinn does not hold back in his critique of both parties, and he takes a comical swipe at the oversimplification of current events by mainstream media. He highlights the rampant use of stereotypes and division in the media to paint one party as the enemy and the other as the savior.

The comedian uses everyday situations and anecdotes from his personal life to drive his points home. He explains in one bit how he once tried to make small talk with his Uber driver during a road trip, only to find out that they were polar opposites in terms of their political affiliations. From this, he shows how people are so entrenched in their political views that they have lost the ability to connect with each other on anything outside of their narrow frame of beliefs.

The show is not just about societal critique; it also encourages introspection among the viewers. Colin Quinn borrows a page from the legacy of comedian George Carlin and engages with the audience on a deeper level. He challenges the audience to question their own beliefs and move past their biases.

Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State is a timely addition to the comedian's portfolio. At a time when society's divisions seem to be at an all-time high, his take on the political landscape is refreshingly balanced and grounded in everyday reality. The show is a testament to Colin Quinn's mastery of the art of comedy, as he brilliantly takes on some of the most complex issues of our time without losing his audience's attention.

In summary, Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State is a clever, thought-provoking comedy special that offers a deep dive into the modern-day political landscape of America. Colin Quinn uses his wit and humor to showcase what makes Americans on both sides of the political aisle tick, and how this understanding can lead to greater political harmony. It is an entertaining observation of the political landscape, and a lesson to society on the importance of tolerance and treating each other with similar respect.

Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State is a Comedy movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 60 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.6..

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