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Cold Heaven is a drama-mystery-thriller from 1991 that explores themes of grief, spirituality, and loss. It follows a married couple, Marie Davenport (Theresa Russell) and Alex Davenport (Mark Harmon), who are on a vacation in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Their relationship is strained due to Marie's guilt over infidelity and Alex's inability to forgive her.

One morning, Marie wakes up to find that Alex has died in his sleep. She rushes to the hospital where she's told that Alex's death was caused by a heart attack. However, Marie is convinced that there's something more to his death and starts to investigate. Her journey for the truth eventually leads her to a Catholic priest, Father Niles (James Russo), who believes her story and helps her unravel the mystery.

As Marie unravels the mystery, she's also forced to confront her own beliefs about life and death. She starts to have visions of Alex, who tells her that there's a place between heaven and hell where souls wait before they move on. Marie's visions and her search for the truth make her question her own faith and spirituality.

The movie's setting in New Orleans adds an extra layer of mystery to the story. The city is known for its history of voodoo and spirituality, and the movie takes advantage of this to create an eerie and mystical atmosphere. The use of music, particularly New Orleans jazz, adds to the movie's mood and helps set the tone for the story.

Theresa Russell's portrayal of Marie is particularly remarkable. She manages to convey grief, guilt, and confusion in a way that's both realistic and captivating. The character's journey throughout the movie is both emotional and thrilling, and Russell's performance makes it worth watching.

Mark Harmon's portrayal of Alex, despite being a minor role, also leaves an impact. His presence serves as a reminder of the themes of loss and grief that the movie explores. James Russo's performance as Father Niles can be a bit hammy at times, but he manages to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the role.

Overall, Cold Heaven is a movie that's worth watching for the mystery and spirituality it explores. The performances by the main cast, particularly Theresa Russell, make it an emotional journey that will leave a lasting impact. The movie's atmosphere and setting make it a unique viewing experience that's both eerie and mesmerizing.

Cold Heaven is a Drama, Thriller movie released in 1992. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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