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Clown is a 2014 horror movie directed by Jon Watts and produced by Eli Roth. It follows the story of Kent McCoy (Andy Powers), a real estate agent and father who volunteers to dress up as a clown for his son Jack's (Christian Distefano) birthday party after the original clown cancels. However, after the party is over, Kent finds out that he cannot remove his clown suit and wig.

Kent's wife Meg (Laura Allen) tries to help him get out of the costume by cutting it off, but to no avail. As time passes, Kent realizes that the suit and wig are not just pieces of clothing, but part of a demonic entity that is slowly possessing him. He begins to develop an insatiable hunger for children and is soon consumed by the evil clown persona.

Meanwhile, an old man named Karlsson (Peter Stormare), who seems to know about the curse, appears and claims to hold the key to breaking the spell. Together with Meg, Karlsson tries to help Kent before he fully transforms into the malevolent clown.

The film combines traditional horror elements with a unique twist on the killer clown archetype. Unlike the typical representation of clowns in horror movies, the clown in this film is not a separate entity but rather a manifestation of the character's inner evil. This concept adds depth to the story, as the audience must grapple with the idea that Kent is not just fighting against the costume, but also his own dark desires.

Andy Powers delivers a standout performance as Kent, gradually shifting from a sympathetic father to a terrorizing monster. His transformation is so convincing that at times it is easy to forget that it is the same actor portraying both characters. Laura Allen also does a commendable job as Meg, conveying the range of emotions from love and concern for her husband to fear and confusion as the situation spirals out of control.

The film's production design and cinematography are effective in setting an eerie tone. The clown suit and makeup are sufficiently creepy without being overly exaggerated or unrealistic. The use of muted colors such as gray and brown in the film's color palette also contributes to the overall unsettling atmosphere.

The film's pacing, however, is a bit uneven. While the first act effectively sets up the premise and introduces the characters, the second act drags as Kent's transformation takes slow, ambiguous steps. The final act, however, delivers a gripping climax with a satisfying resolution.

In conclusion, Clown is a unique and disturbing horror film that subverts the typical horror tropes surrounding clowns. The film's strong performances, chilling production design, and effective cinematography make it a worthy addition to the genre. While the pacing may be a bit uneven, the film's overall effectiveness in generating dread and fear make it a must-watch for horror fans.

Clown is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 42.

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