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Chiller is a 1985 horror film that follows Miles Creighton, played by Michael Beck, a Cryonics research scientist who dies and is frozen in a cryogenic chamber. Ten years later, his body is reanimated by a group of doctors who are part of a secret government experiment. However, Miles soon discovers that the experiment has had significant side effects, and he begins to experience terrifying hallucinations as he struggles to come to terms with his resurrection.

The film begins with Miles conducting an experiment on two rats in his laboratory, where he freezes them and then brings them back to life. However, shortly after the experiment, Miles is killed in a car accident, and his body is cryogenically frozen in a chamber. Ten years later, a group of doctors who have been working on a top-secret government experiment decide to bring Miles back to life.

As soon as Miles is reanimated, he begins to experience vivid and disturbing hallucinations about his past, which lead him to believe that the doctors have done something terrible to him. He soon discovers that his body is infused with a new synthetic compound that was developed during the experiment- a serum that was developed to increase intelligence but has resulted in significant brain damage for Miles.

As Miles struggles to come to terms with his new life, he also starts to suspect that the doctors are hiding something from him, and he becomes increasingly paranoid. His hallucinations, which are becoming more intense and violent with each passing day, lead him to believe that something is amiss, and he must find out what it is before it is too late.

Throughout the film, Miles is haunted by a mysterious woman named Odessa, played by Laura Johnson, who he believes to be one of the doctors who reanimated him. He becomes consumed with finding her and discovering what she knows, which leads him on a dangerous journey through the research facility.

As Miles delves deeper into the secrets of the experiment, he uncovers a shocking truth about his resurrection and the true intentions of the doctors involved. The film builds to a thrilling climax as Miles fights to survive and expose the sinister forces that have brought him back to life.

Starring Michael Beck as Miles, Beatrice Straight as Dr. Lora Mandrake, and Laura Johnson as Odessa, Chiller is a terrifying and suspenseful horror film that explores the dark side of scientific experimentation. With its chilling storyline and intense performances, Chiller is a must-see for horror fans and anyone who loves a good thrill ride.

Chiller is a Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror, TV Movie movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 104 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.5..

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Wes Craven
Paul Sorvino, Michael Beck, Beatrice Straight, Laura Johnson, Dick O'Neill, Alan Fudge, Craig Richard Nelson
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