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Chalet Girl is a British romantic comedy-drama film released in 2011. Directed by Phil Traill, the movie features an ensemble cast starring Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, and Bill Nighy with noticeable performances from Brooke Shields and Sophia Bush. The storyline explores class differences, personal aspirations, and true love.

The movie showcases the life of Kim Matthews, portrayed by Felicity Jones, a former skateboard champion who, following a tragic accident, abandons her sport and starts working at a fast-food burger joint to support her father. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she gets a better job opportunity to work as a 'chalet girl' for a wealthy family in the Alpine region.

In the picturesque snow-laden Alps, Kim transitions from being a fast-food worker in London to a chalet maid for the wealthy businessman Richard Madsen, effortlessly portrayed by Bill Nighy, his wife Caroline, delivered by Brooke Shields, and their son Jonny Madsen, played by Ed Westwick. The movie adds a tag of comedy when Kim, a city girl unfamiliar with the kind of luxury extended by the Madsen family, struggles to fit into her new role. Despite her initial struggle with the posh surroundings and the glamorous yet strange world of rich people, Kim successfully maintains her authenticity, which becomes her charm.

While working, Kim realizes that the family's chalet is very close to a top-notch ski resort. Chasing her past life as a skate champion, Kim decides to learn snowboarding. Her major motivation to learn the sport is a big cash prize announced for a snowboarding championship. She hopes to win the competition and extract herself and her dad from their financial struggle. As she begins her journey into the world of snowboarding, she showcases immense courage and strength.

Jones' portrayal of Kim, from the fast-food worker to Chalet Girl and then a snowboarding learner, is an engaging trajectory. She plays the character with conviction and a dash of sweet humor which acts as the backbone of the film. She sails through the varied emotions her character goes through - loss, melancholy, excitement, fear, and love with ease. Plus, her on-screen chemistry with Ed Westwick, who plays the role of a wealthy yet grounded Jonny, adds a layer of romantic charm to the movie.

Ed Westwick shines as Jonny Madsen. He beautifully portrays his character's quandary – between his attraction for Kim and his obligation toward his family and their expectations. A rich kid with his struggles and a forbidden attraction towards the chalet girl is what gives the tale its romantic fire. The love story adds complexity and depth while ensuring the feel-good vibes of the rom-com remain intact.

Bill Nighy brings his touch of refined grace to the character of Richard Madsen. He leaves a mark as he plays the part of an understanding and non-judgemental patriarch who can sense the tension between his son and the chalet girl. The inclusion of Brooke Shields adds a touch of American glamour as she portrays the sophisticated yet apprehensive Caroline Madsen, Jonny's mother.

The movie also features stellar performances from Sophia Bush as Chloe, Jonny's girlfriend, and Tamsin Egerton as Georgie, another chalet girl who befriends Kim, offering enjoyable side stories. Their performances add layers to the narrative, pushing it beyond a typical romantic comedy, adding elements of class struggles and personal growth.

The film's charm lies in its screenplay, which is funny, engaging, and thoughtful. While it is primarily a rom-com, it also talks about socio-economic disparities, romantic complexities within these disparities, and personal growth. There is a visible shift in Kim's character, from being a person who had nearly given up on her dreams to someone who learns to chase them again.

Chalet Girl is a wonderful blend of romance, humor, and exhilarating snowboarding scenes, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Alps. The film proves that it is possible to cross the societal divide of class and status when it comes to matters of the heart and personal aspirations. Overall, this movie is a delightful gem for those seeking a comforting and uplifting narrative accompanied by engaging performances.

Chalet Girl is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 42.

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