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About Alex is a poignant drama from 2014 that takes a raw and real look at friendship, grief, and emotional complexity. Starring Nate Parker, Jason Ritter, and Maggie Grace, About Alex weaves a compelling tale set against the backdrop of an unexpected crisis that unearths old passions, past grudges and untold secrets among a tight-knit group of close friends. The movie is brilliantly directed by Jesse Zwick and is a compelling exploration of modern relationships, brimming with charm and genuine emotion.

The movie opens up with every friend's worst nightmare: Alex (played perfectly by Jason Ritter) has attempted suicide. His act paves the way for a seemingly accidental reunion for his group of old university friends, who, despite their individual successes in life, haven’t seen each other for quite some time. Sarah (Aubrey Plaza), Josh (Max Greenfield), Siri (Maggie Grace), Ben (Nate Parker), and Isaac (Max Minghella) drop everything to rush to their friend's side, unsure of what to expect.

The friends quickly find that even though time has moved them geographically and sentimentally apart, their tight-knit feeling from university days remains undeniable. Over a long weekend spent in an isolated cabin, they attempt to navigate their shaken feelings while trying to support Alex in his time of need. Displine their intention to enjoy a peaceful retreat, their personal demons and a myriad of issues soon rise exploring themes of love, loss, denial, career struggles, and relationship complexities in the group.

Nate Parker excels by superbly portraying Ben, an aspiring writer struggling with writer's block. His performance is outstanding; he brings an incredible amount of depth, vulnerability and complicated sentiments of a tortured artist trying to find his voice, while also dealing with his past and entangled romantic feelings.

Maggie Grace, as Siri, shines beautifully with her portrayal of an empathetic, but conflicted character who is torn between job offers, locations, and love. Grace's performance is refreshing, providing the movie with moments of lightness amid the otherwise heavy emotions on display.

Jason Ritter, as Alex, plays a delicate tethered balance between vulnerability and despair. He skillfully steps into the role of a friend, who despite feeling lonely and disconnected, sparks the reconnecting of his old crew.

Supporting characters from other talented actors such as Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield, contribute significantly to the plot progression, bringing intense emotion and balance to the overall theme of the story.

On the surface, About Alex may seem like another movie about several university friends reuniting, reminiscing about their past and harboring a secret or romantic feelings for one another. But the subtleties of the screenplay, moments of pure joy and humor, and the flawless performances from all the actors heighten the experience, making this movie much more meaningful and enjoyable.

About Alex isn't just a film, it's an exploration of friendships and relationships, their complexities, and how they morph over time. It beautifully portrays how despite the passage of time and the many changes it brings, the essence of friendship stays the same. The unique bond that forms during adolescence and young adulthood can withstand countless pressures, disagreements, and distances.

The movie also touches upon the serious topic of mental health, gently raising awareness about the struggles that people may face in their lives. It does so with delicacy, offering sympathy instead of pity and reminding us, implicitly, to reach out to people around us, because sometimes a small act of communication can save a life.

In conclusion, About Alex is a beautifully written, deeply engaging, and well-executed film, focusing on real-life issues and the essence of friendships. The engaging narrative, brilliant performances, and a sense of relatability make About Alex a must-watch movie for anyone interested in dramas that leave an impact and provoke thoughtful reflections on life, relationships, and personal struggles.

About Alex is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 45.

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