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Blake of Scotland Yard is a 1937 crime-drama film, directed by Robert F. Hill, starring Ralph Byrd as Detective Inspector Richard Blake, a Scotland Yard officer investigating crimes in London. The film also features Herbert Rawlinson as Sir James Blake, Richard's father and retired head of Scotland Yard, and Joan Barclay as Valerie Leonard, a member of a criminal gang that Blake is trying to apprehend.

The film begins with a robbery at a bank in London, in which a large amount of cash and securities are stolen. The police are immediately called in to investigate the crime, and the case is assigned to Detective Inspector Richard Blake of Scotland Yard. Blake is a skilled detective and a dedicated law enforcement officer, and he is determined to solve the case and bring the perpetrators to justice.

As Blake begins his investigation, he comes across several leads, including a mysterious woman named Valerie Leonard, who has ties to the criminal underworld. Leonard is a beautiful and seductive woman who appears to be involved in the bank heist, and Blake is convinced that she has vital information that will help him solve the case.

While investigating Leonard, Blake uncovers a wider criminal conspiracy involving a gang of thieves who have been operating in London for years. Working with limited resources and facing an uncooperative criminal underworld, Blake must use his intelligence and determination to gather evidence and bring down the gang.

Throughout the film, Blake faces numerous challenges and obstacles in his pursuit of justice. He is hounded by the press, who are eager to get a scoop on the bank heist story, and he faces threats from the criminal gangs that he is investigating. However, Blake is undeterred and presses on, using his experience and ingenuity to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

The film builds to a thrilling climax, as Blake and his team of officers close in on the gang and engage in a dramatic shootout. The action is tense and fast-paced, with the fate of the investigation hanging in the balance.

Overall, Blake of Scotland Yard is an engaging and thoroughly entertaining crime drama, with strong performances from the cast, particularly from Ralph Byrd as the determined and resourceful Detective Inspector Richard Blake. The film provides a fascinating glimpse into the criminal underworld of 1930s London, with its seedy characters, corrupt officials, and daring heists. Highly recommended for fans of classic crime cinema.

Blake of Scotland Yard is a Crime, Mystery movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 70. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.6..

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