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Big Voice is an inspirational documentary film that follows the journey of a high school choir director, Jeffe Huls, and his dedicated group of students at Monache High School in Porterville, California. The film provides an intimate look into the lives of these students as they prepare for a statewide competition while facing personal challenges, rejection, and cultural barriers.

The movie opens with Jeffe Huls, the choir director, explaining his passion for music and the transformative power it holds for teenagers. Jeffe's dedication to his students is admirable, as he goes above and beyond to provide them with the best learning experience possible. We see him teaching his students the fundamentals of music, and how to use their voices to create beautiful harmonies.

As we get to know Jeffe's students, we begin to understand the difficulties they face in their everyday lives. Many of them come from low-income families, and some are first-generation students. They struggle with poverty, language barriers, and cultural differences. Despite these challenges, they are united in their love for music and the sense of community it provides.

Throughout the film, we see the students work tirelessly to perfect their songs and choreography for the upcoming competition. They face numerous setbacks, including getting rejected from other competitions, and losing members of the choir due to family obligations. However, their resilience and determination to succeed is inspiring. They never give up, and refuse to let setbacks get in the way of their dreams of winning the statewide competition.

The film also highlights the cultural differences the students face. Many of them come from Latino families and have to navigate their conservative upbringing with their love of music. We see how these students must balance their cultural traditions with the choir's expectations and how music can be a powerful tool for bridging cultural divides.

As the competition approaches, tensions run high as the students feel the weight of their families' expectations on their shoulders. They know that winning the competition means more than just success for themselves, but also represents a victory for their families and community.

As the day of the competition arrives, we witness moments of hope, joy, and disappointment. We see the students' hard work pay off as they perform flawlessly on stage, and watch the judges recognize their talent with high scores. We also feel the heartbreak when they are announced as runners-up instead of the winners.

Despite their disappointment, the students come to understand that winning isn't everything. They are proud of what they have accomplished together as a team, and realize that their dedication and perseverance have brought them closer together. The choir becomes a family, and they understand that this journey was about more than just winning a competition - it was about discovering their own voices and achieving their own personal best.

Overall, Big Voice is an inspiring film that showcases the power of music to transform the lives of young people. It is a testament to the dedication and leadership of Jeffe Huls, as well as the hard work and resilience of his talented students. The film reminds us that no matter what challenges we face, we can achieve great things if we remain united and determined.

Big Voice is a Adventure, Documentary, Kids & Family, Music movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 83 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.0..

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Aliza Abarbanel, Amy Albuera, Raven Bennett
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