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Beyond Glory is a gripping film released in 2015 that offers an exquisite blend of documentary, biography, and drama genres. Directed by Larry Brand and starring renowned Hollywood actors, Stephen Lang and Gary Sinise, the film has garnered widespread appreciation for its unique narrative and heart-tugging performances. With starkly depicted real-life stories, Beyond Glory showcases an extraordinary journey that drives deep into overarching concepts of valor, heroism, and the human spirit. The film centers on Stephen Lang, playing himself, who took upon the admirable task of reenacting interviews of Medal of Honor recipients from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The film serves as a link between audiences and eight soldiers such as Nick Bacon, Vernon Baker, John Finn, Daniel Inouye, Charles Liteky, Walter Marm, and Lewis Millett. These eight men had their tales to tell, tales of absolute bravery, incomparable courage, duty, and patriotism that helped shape the face of the United States as we know it today. Lang, who acts as our guide and narrator throughout the film, has not only shouldered the film's narrative burden but also immersed himself entirely in the soldiers' personas. His strong and impactful performances create an illusion that the audience is directly hearing from the veterans themselves, making the film more personable and impactful. Lang executes an affective, empathetic portrayal of war survivors, and their stories are presented not just as tales of gallantry in battle, but more importantly, as human experiences that are likely to leave viewers profoundly moved. Beyond Glory also does an exceptional job through its utilization of minimalistic production design. The sparse and focused setting, where the spotlight is solely on Lang, amplifies the emotion expressed in each story, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and immediacy. This single-character presentation is a device that leverages the compelling narrative to produce a potent emotional climax. The film can also be seen as primarily educational. The storylines provide viewers with an insight into America's military history – specifically focusing on the grit and resilience of the nation's soldiers. There are stories filled with raw emotion, narratives of sacrifice, and an overwhelming dedication to the nation's cause. It's a poignant portrayal of heroism and a homage to those whose bravery has shaped the nation’s history. The skillful direction of Larry Brand ensures that the film remains compelling throughout and does not deviate from its primary purpose – providing audiences with a front-row seat to history. The director made a significant impact through his smart editing and the efficient use of archival footage. Flashbacks and chronological sequences, subtly rendered background music, and focused lighting all also contribute to the overall effect of the film. What's more, the film is not entirely bereft of levity. Lang brings expressions of humor, irony, and light-hearted banter from the soldiers' narratives that offer a respite from the heavier themes. This serves to remind the audience, despite being warriors and heroes, at their core, these men were just as human as anyone else. As well as Lang’s stellar performance, the film benefits from an outstanding appearance by Gary Sinise, who is no stranger to military movies, having famously played Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump. Here, Sinise brings his known authenticity and depth to his role, enhancing the movie's strikingly introspective look at war from the perspective of a soldier. In conclusion, Beyond Glory is a heart-rending tribute to valor and sacrifice. The film takes its viewers on an engaging journey through compelling narratives of bravery, loss, and survival of the nation's heroes who have depicted unbelievable moments of courage and personal growth. It is a profound exploration of the human spirit and serves as a timely reminder of the devastating reality of war, and the exceptional courage that it takes not just to survive, but to emerge as a true hero. Beyond Glory is a must-watch for audiences seeking an intimate understanding of the realities of war, far removed from its romanticized depictions in popular culture.

Beyond Glory is a War, Documentary movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 78 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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