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Beethoven's Big Break, directed by Mike Elliott and released in 2008, is a heartwarming and hilarious family comedy that utilizes both human and animal characters to engage the audience. This engaging film exemplifies the incorporation of comedy, family drama, and a little bit of action, all driven by a charismatic St. Bernard named Beethoven.

The film stars Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Finnigan, Moises Arias, and Eddie Griffin, who all bring charisma and humor to their roles. The story revolves around the escapades of the infamous St. Bernard, Beethoven, and a single father named Eddie (Jonathan Silverman), who works as a struggling animal trainer in Hollywood. Despite Eddie's best attempts to maintain a pet-free home for the sake of his cleanliness and his son, Billy (Moises Arias), fate has other plans. Beethoven, after a series of comical events, finds his way into their home and, inevitably, their hearts.

Eddie's life is upended by Beethoven's unexpected entry, leading to various comedic situations and funny escapades. Despite Eddie's initial annoyance and attempts to find Beethoven a new home, Beethoven's big heart and bumbling manners quickly wear him down. Simultaneously, Billy, an animal enthusiast, is overjoyed by the new addition to the family and establishes an instant bond with the lovable St. Bernard. This shared affection for Beethoven helps mend the relationship between Eddie and Billy, whose personal life and attempts to understand each other are explored throughout the film.

While at home, Beethoven keeps playing around and creating a ruckus, on the work front he turns out to be a real lifesaver for Eddie. The entertainment industry where Eddie works decides to cast a dog in their upcoming movie, and after a disastrous audition process with other dogs, Beethoven, with his distinctive charisma, lands the role and becomes an overnight sensation. Eddie, who once wanted nothing to do with Beethoven, now realizes the dog's true potential.

Intertwining with this touching storyline is a subplot involving two bumbling dog-nappers, played by Eddie Griffin and Joey Fatone. Known for their notorious pet-napping activities, their primary objective is to kidnap the famous canine star and ask for a hefty ransom. The hilarious misadventures of the duo paves the way for numerous funny and thrilling sequences, making the film even more entertaining.

Jennifer Finnigan stars as Lisa, a driven and caring movie executive who works with Eddie and holds a soft corner for him and his son. Her performance brings a balance of professionalism and warmth to the film. Her relationship with Eddie and Billy evolves throughout the film, further intensifying the human-drama elements.

What really sets Beethoven's Big Break apart from other family flicks is its combination of humor and emotional depth. The film adeptly combines the comedy brought by Beethoven's energetic escapades and the dog-napping duo's failed schemes with the heartfelt connection between father and son to deliver a fun and engaging film.

Another unique element of the film is its behind-the-scenes depiction of animal training for movies, showcasing Eddie's professional struggles and Beethoven's antics on and off the set. The opportunity to see the Hollywood scene from an insider's, and a dog's, point of view makes it an intriguing watch.

Beethoven's Big Break is unlike any other films starring animals, managing to bring not only the silliness that is expected in such films but also a good dose of heartfelt emotion and family values. It teaches the importance of pets in family life, acceptance, and love for all creatures. It successfully communicates that pets may seem a handful, but they end up teaching the most valuable life lessons and bring a family closer. All these are depicted in a series of humorous events and adventures painted against the backdrop of the exciting world of Hollywood.

In conclusion, Beethoven's Big Break delivers an adorable, action-packed comedy with plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments. Between the lively performances by a well-casted line-up and the hilarious antics of the titular Saint Bernard, this movie is sure to be a family favorite. Its engaging plot, well-timed comedy sequences, and emotional elements make it a film worth watching. Whether you're a dog lover or a movie buff, Beethoven's Big Break is a must-see, showcasing the chaos, joy, and love a pet can bring into one's life.

Beethoven's Big Break is a Kids & Family, Comedy movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 101. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.5..

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