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Beethoven's 2nd, released in 1993 and directed by Rod Daniel, is the sequel to the initial "Beethoven" movie and dives deeper into the comical and affecting adventures of the Newton family's unforgettably exuberant Saint Bernard dog, Beethoven. The movie stars Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, and Nicholle Tom, and follows the family's subsequent escapades when their beloved four-legged member sires a litter of puppies.

In the opening scene, we're reintroduced to the delightful antics of Beethoven, who continues to cause chaos in the Newton household. Veteran actor Charles Grodin reprises his role as the patriarch, George Newton, who often finds himself in hapless situations due to Beethoven's bumbling yet good-natured behaviour. He wonderfully encapsulates the essence of a beleaguered yet eventually willing host to the introduced puppies.

Bonnie Hunt, playing Alice Newton, complements Grodin's performance with her signature warm comic moments. She is the mother and the peacemaker who stands as a beacon of love and reason amidst Beethoven's chaos and George's frustration. Her character is portrayed with an endearing blend of humor, practicality, and nurturing warmth that encapsulates the spirit of the quintessential 90s family movie mom.

Nicholle Tom resumes her role as the eldest Newton sibling, Ryce. This sequel provides her character a more substantial part, exploring themes of teenage romance and responsibility. Tom expertly portrays the complexities faced by her character on the brink of adolescence, juggling babysitting her younger siblings, taking care of puppies, and navigating the choppy waters of a first crush.

Beethoven's 2nd unveils a twist when Beethoven falls in love with Missy, another Saint Bernard. Their union results in the birth of four adorable puppies, considerably expanding the Newton's already chaotic household dynamics. Mischief is considerably multiplied with added pawprints, giving the viewers joyous laughter, touching family moments, and a heartwarming storyline to look forward to.

Meanwhile, the movie introduces new antagonists – Missy's malicious owner, Regina (Debi Mazar) and her boyfriend Floyd (Chris Penn). Regina only sees the puppies as a nascent gold mine she can exploit for personal gain, which adds an element of suspense and conflict to the overarching narrative.

The majority of the film centers on the Newton family's attempt to save Beethoven's children from the greedy clutches of Regina and Floyd. Here, the viewers are taken on an adventure, travelling through carnival escapades, wilderness challenges, and nerve-wracking courtroom drama. All of this effortlessly blends wholesome family entertainment with slapstick humor and a permeating message of teamwork, responsibility, and empathy toward animals.

One of the film's central strengths is the realistic and relatable dynamics of the Newton family. Their interactions pave the way for hilarious situational comedy, moments of sweet sentimentality, and lessons about dealing with challenges together. Beethoven, the drooling but lovable St. Bernard, becomes a symbol of love and loyalty, teaching the Newton children—and the viewers—unspoken lessons about friendship, bravery, and unconditional affection.

The movie's soundtrack also deserves special mention, bearing the nostalgic 90s charm, coupled with enjoyable montages that elevate the overall cinematic experience. Despite the film having its fair share of silly moments, the confluence of well-written characters, a fun-filled script, emotional depth, and of course, the hard-to-resist Saint Bernard puppies, makes for an entertaining watch and a beloved sequel.

In summary, Beethoven's 2nd is an engaging family film that seamlessly combines comedy, warmth, and adventure. While it reminds us of the joys and challenges of family life, it also highlights the unique bond between humans and pets, undeniably leaving viewers of all ages with a smile on their faces and warmth in their hearts. It's no wonder why the giant, slobbering Beethoven and his family became one of the iconic figures of 90s cinema.

Beethoven's 2nd is a Kids & Family, Comedy movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 89 minutes (95 minutes with deleted scenes). Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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