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Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks is a sci-fi movie that takes place in 2420. Earth has been rendered nearly uninhabitable and humans have been forced to migrate to a planet called Nova Prime. However, their new home is also plagued by threats from a hostile alien race called the Zephyr. The movie follows the efforts of human space soldiers as they face off against a massive Zephyr Armada that is dead set on wiping out humanity once and for all. The movie is directed by Andrew Jaksch and Lukas Kendall, and stars a talented ensemble cast that includes Declan Churchill Carter, Philip Cristian Claassen and Tom Farrah. The film features a mix of action, adventure and suspense, as well as a compelling storyline that explores themes such as humanity, war and survival. The movie opens with a scene of devastation, as the Zephyr attack an Earth-like planet, unleashing a barrage of destructive energy weapons. The opening sequence sets the tone for the rest of the movie, and showcases the impressive special effects that are used throughout the film. Our protagonist is James, played by Declan Churchill Carter, a talented young space soldier who is tasked with leading an elite team of fighters on a mission to destroy the Zephyr Armada. James is a skilled fighter, but he also carries emotional baggage, having lost his family to the Zephyr in the past. His character serves as the moral compass of the movie and provides a human connection to the audience. The rest of James' team is made up of a diverse group of fighters, each with their own unique skills and personalities. There's the tough-as-nails Jessica, played by Jess Gabor, who serves as James' second-in-command, and the sarcastic and wise-cracking Marco, played by Trip Hope. Rounding out the team are the gifted hacker Kim, played by Mia Lardner, and the sharpshooter Devon, played by Erik Palladino. The Zephyr are an intriguing and terrifying enemy, with their imposing ships and advanced technology. They are led by a ruthless and cunning Commander, played by Casey Hendershot, who seems to have an uncanny ability to anticipate the human soldiers' moves. The Zephyr are relentless in their pursuit of wiping out the humans, and their attacks are arguably the most awe-inspiring parts of the film. As the movie progresses, James and his team are forced to confront their own fears and doubts, while also battling the Zephyr in increasingly intense and epic space battles. The action scenes are well-placed and intense, with a focus on spectacle but also a sense of danger that keeps audiences engaged. One of the other notable aspects of Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks is its impressive special effects. The movie is visually stunning, with an emphasis on set design, costumes and lighting that create a realistic and immersive world. The space sequences are also meticulously crafted, with realistic physics and stunning visuals that transport viewers into the heart of the action. Overall, Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks is an engaging and entertaining sci-fi movie that offers a thrilling ride for both new and seasoned sci-fi fans. The combination of well-defined characters, intense action scenes and stunning special effects make for an exciting and memorable viewing experience. If you're a fan of sci-fi movies or simply looking for a good action flick, Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks is well worth checking out.

Battle in Space: The Armada Attacks is a Action, Fantasy movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.4..

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Andrew Jaksch
Melina Matthews, Declan Carter, Tom Farrah, Jess Gabor, Trip Hope, Erik Palladino
Also directed by Andrew Jaksch
Also starring Douglas Tait
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