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Arctic Blast, released in 2010, is a science-fiction disaster movie directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. The movie is set in Australia, where an environmental researcher Jack Tate (Michael Shanks) lives with his daughter Naomi Tate (Saskia Hampele). Jack has been studying the phenomenon of "geo-storms," and how they could potentially cause a worldwide catastrophe. During one such study, Jack realizes that a geo-storm is about to hit the southern hemisphere, including Australia, creating a massive drop in temperatures and resulting in widespread destruction. As Jack tries to convince the authorities to take necessary precautions, a series of small-scale environmental disasters strike Australia, such as a sudden snowfall, which starts at Bondi Beach in Sydney. At the same time, Jack's estranged wife, Emma (Alexandra Davies), who is a news reporter, is also investigating strange and inexplicable weather patterns in the area. Amidst all this, the geo-storm hits, resulting in a catastrophic development of a glacial ice sheet in the southern hemisphere, which threatens all life on earth. The movie follows Jack, Emma, and Naomi as they race against time to find a way to stop the expansion of the ice sheet and prevent a global disaster. The movie is a classic disaster movie with a sci-fi twist, and the combination is quite enjoyable. The story is intriguing, and the tension is built slowly but surely, with the stakes becoming higher with every passing minute. The cinematography is fantastic, with beautiful images of snow and ice that give an almost immersive feel to the film. Michael Shanks portrays Jack Tate with conviction, and his portrayal of a father who faces an almost hopeless situation while trying to protect his daughter is genuine and moving. Alexandra Davies, who plays Emma, delivers a superb performance, as she tries to balance her personal life with her professional responsibilities, and ultimately accepts the task of helping Jack with his mission. Saskia Hampele, who portrays Naomi, delivers an effective performance as a girl who is caught between her parents and must deal with her fears while trying to stay alive. The relationship between Jack and Naomi is heartwarming, and their interactions add a layer of emotional complexity to the film. The special effects are top-notch, and the movie's use of real-life weather patterns, such as the snow that starts at Bondi Beach, adds a sense of realism. The scenes involving the expanding ice sheet are particularly impressive, with the destruction caused by the ice sheet looking frighteningly real. The movie may have a few flaws, such as the pacing being slightly slow at times, but this is understandable given the need to build tension and suspense. The focus on the parent-child relationship may also put off some people looking for a pure disaster movie, but it adds an emotional depth to the story that makes the movie more than just another sci-fi disaster flick. In conclusion, Arctic Blast is a well-made disaster movie with great performances, breathtaking cinematography, and fantastic special effects. The movie is suspenseful and exciting, and the sci-fi aspect adds a unique twist to the disaster formula. Fans of disaster movies, sci-fi enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an engaging movie experience will not be disappointed with Arctic Blast.

Arctic Blast is a Science Fiction, Action movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.9..

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Brian Trenchard-Smith
Michael Shanks, Alan Andrews, Alexandra Davies, Saskia Hampele
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