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American Hangman is an intriguing, mind-twisting, and tension-filled psychological thriller film released in 2019. It is directed and written by Wilson Coneybeare and stars renowned actors Donald Sutherland, Vincent Kartheiser, and Oliver Dennis. The film is infused with suspense, a courtroom drama-style narrative, and a social media powered subplot, making it an irresistible enthralling drama.

The plot revolves around an unidentified man who kidnaps two seemingly unrelated individuals and then stages a show much like a courtroom trial, with high stakes. The film stars Vincent Kartheiser, a captivating actor renowned for his role in "Mad Men", as the desperate and intelligent kidnapper, while the legendary Donald Sutherland, highly appreciated for his roles in 'The Hunger Games' series and 'The Dirty Dozen', plays the role of one of the victims — Judge Straight.

Twists and turns set in as the kidnapper streams the grim proceedings to the world-wide web, gradually unveiling hidden truths, and personal secrets. The second victim is a habitual run-the-mill criminal, with Oliver Dennis efficiently playing this role, which turns out to be significantly intricate to the plot. The kidnapper seeks to bring justice through an unconventional manner blending dramatic elements of crime, punishment, and the human character.

American Hangman excels at showcasing the phenomenon of the uncensored Internet and the moral repercussions the freedom of Internet might bring. It gauges the darker side of social media and technology and underlines the notion of instant justice always rumbling on the internet. At its core, the film is a chilling and claustrophobic meditation on justice and the power of public opinion in a digital age.

American Hangman is a gritty film that is most likely to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Director Wilson Coneybeare brilliantly keeps the audience in suspense, employing a Hitchcockian approach to the narrative, leaving them guessing until the very end. Cinematographers Robert Saad and Lauren Brandon superbly capture the heart-stopping suspense and the bleak atmosphere of the movie. Meanwhile, the impeccable and solid performances from Sutherland and Kartheiser add great depth to the movie's multifaceted characters.

Sutherland, as Judge Straight, delicately unfolds the layers of this character, moving from initial righteous indignation to moments of introspection and realization as the plot advances. His tenacity and courage in facing the escalating stakes are both captivating and inspiring. Kartheiser, as the kidnapper, brings an intense yet callous demeanor to his role, handling the duality of his identity with a fascinating edge that keeps the viewers intrigued. Oliver Dennis, though having a lesser screen time, delivers an equally important performance, demonstrating a range of emotions and effectively contributing to the overall grim ambiance of the film.

Furthermore, what makes American Hangman stand out from other thrillers is its thought-provoking undertones. This film is an exploration of the human psyche, our instincts when survival is at stake, and our judgment when we are forced to be in the jury box. It asks the viewers some profound questions about the justice system, social responsibility, the court of public opinion, and the Internet's righteous warriors.

From its intense interrogation scenes to a highly unpredictable and perturbing climax, American Hangman is an arresting feature film, gifting its viewers an intense roller-coaster ride. Its ingenious utilization of technology, dramatic storyline, and the inherited tension within its characters leaves a lingering thought-provoking effect on the viewers, making it a must-watch movie for those who enjoy tense psychological thrillers.

American Hangman is a Thriller movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 38.

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