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Alien Incursion is a science fiction movie released in 2006. The film is about a group of scientists who set out on an expedition to a remote island off the coast of America. The movie stars Michael Coleman as Dr. Michael Krueger, David James Lewis as Dr. Gordon Freeman, and Kristina Copeland as Emily. The film's plot revolves around the discovery of extraterrestrial life on the island.

The movie begins with the group of scientists arriving on the remote island. Dr. Krueger, Dr. Freeman, and Emily are joined by other scientists, including Dr. Elliot, who has a keen interest in the extraterrestrial life forms on the island. The team sets up a base camp and begins their research.

As the scientists delve deeper into their research, they start to discover strange and unusual life forms on the island. The team is fascinated by these strange creatures and begins to observe their behavior. However, things take a turn for the worse when they discover that the creatures are not just harmless beings.

The creatures suddenly become aggressive and violent towards the scientists, and the team realizes that they are not alone on the island. The team soon discovers that the island is infested with extraterrestrial life forms that are hell-bent on killing them.

The scientists try to understand the alien creatures and their motives, but they soon realize that the aliens are far more advanced than they ever anticipated. The team's mission quickly changes from observing and studying the aliens to surviving.

The film is a sci-fi thriller, and the tension builds up steadily as the team struggles to survive. The movie has a lot of action sequences, with the scientists trying to fend off the alien creatures. The acting of the cast is commendable, and they deliver their roles with conviction.

The film's visual effects are impressive, and the alien creatures are well-designed. The use of practical effects rather than relying solely on CGI gives a realistic appeal to the movie. The movie's direction is also noteworthy as it keeps the audience engaged throughout the plot.

There are several plot twists in Alien Incursion that keep the audience guessing till the very end. The movie's climax is intense, and the ending leaves the audience wanting more. The finale sets up the possibility of a sequel but does not leave any loose ends.

Overall, Alien Incursion is an engaging and entertaining sci-fi thriller that has all the elements of a fun adventure. The movie's plot, acting, and visual effects make for a gripping viewing experience. It is highly recommended for fans of the genre and anyone looking for a thrilling movie night.

Alien Incursion is a Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, Thriller movie released in 2006. It has a runtime of 86. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.4..

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