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Affairs of Cappy Ricks is a 1937 comedy-drama film directed by Ralph Staub, based on the classic novel by Peter B. Kyne. The movie stars Walter Brennan, Mary Brian, and Lyle Talbot in the lead roles. The film is set in San Francisco, California, and follows the story of a wealthy old man named Cappy Ricks, who is struggling to get his life back on track after his wife's death.

Cappy Ricks (Walter Brennan) is a self-made millionaire who owns a shipping company that specializes in cargo transportation. Despite his success, Cappy is a lonely and unfulfilled man, missing the companionship of his deceased wife. His only solace is his granddaughter, Alice (Mary Brian), who is studying medicine in college. Cappy is proud of Alice, but he is also overprotective and doesn't want her to date any boys.

Alice is in love with Matthew Peasley (Lyle Talbot), a young man who works for her grandfather's company. Cappy doesn't like Matthew and disapproves of their relationship. He thinks that Matthew is only interested in Alice's money and is not suitable for her. Alice, however, is determined to marry Matthew and convinces him to stay with the company by offering him a promotion.

Meanwhile, Cappy is facing some financial troubles. His company is losing money, and he is struggling to keep it afloat. He decides to sell the company to a rival company but changes his mind at the last moment when he learns that the rival company plans to merge his company with theirs and lay off all of his employees. Cappy decides to fight back and tries to save his company with the help of his loyal employees.

As Cappy tries to save his company and reconcile with his granddaughter, he realizes that he has made some mistakes in judgment and that he has been too hard on Alice and Matthew. The movie is a heartwarming tale of family, love, and redemption, with some comedic moments thrown in for good measure.

Walter Brennan delivers a terrific performance as Cappy Ricks. He portrays the character with depth and nuance, making him both sympathetic and relatable. Mary Brian is also excellent as Alice, bringing a sense of innocence and sincerity to the role. Lyle Talbot, who plays Matthew Peasley, provides a good balance to the story, bringing a sense of youthful energy and passion to the film.

The film's plot is well-crafted, with a good mix of drama and comedy. The story moves at a brisk pace, and the movie's humor is both charming and witty. The film also benefits from some good supporting performances, including those of Frank Shields, Russell Simpson, and Grant Withers.

Overall, Affairs of Cappy Ricks is a delightful film that will appeal to fans of classic Hollywood cinema. It is a heartwarming tale of family, love, and redemption that will leave viewers feeling uplifted and inspired. The movie is a testament to the talents of its cast and crew and is a must-see for anyone who loves classic movies.

Affairs of Cappy Ricks is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 1937. It has a runtime of 61 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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