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A Very Murray Christmas is a 2015 comedy musical film starring Bill Murray, known for his roles in classic films like Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, and his Saturday Night Live sketches. This spirited Christmas special takes on the traditional holiday variety show format and shakes it up with Murray's unique charm and deadpan wit, offering audiences a Christmas show like no other.

Directed by Sofia Coppola, whose imaginative storytelling style is evident throughout, and written by Bill Murray, Mitch Glazer, and Sofia Coppola, the movie is a testament to lighthearted humor and the cheer of shared camaraderie. It brings together an ensemble of talented performers who come together on this festive occasion to celebrate in ways that blur the traditional lines between reality and showbiz.

The film opens in New York City during a snowstorm. Bill Murray – playing a fictionalized version of himself – is rehearsing for a live international holiday broadcast inside the iconic Carlyle Hotel. However, the harsh weather conditions outside have led to a shutdown of the city, leaving Murray fretting that no one will make it to his show. Murray's longtime friend and musical director, Paul Shaffer, plays himself, trying to sustain the Christmas spirit amidst the gloom of cancellations.

As the show's cancellation seems inevitable, Murray has to make the best out of the unfortunate situation and spends the rest of the evening in the company of current hotel guests, employees, and surprise visitors. This motley crew brightens up the bleak atmosphere and turns it into a wonderfully entertaining and joyous night. You can see Murray giving an intimate, soulful performance mixed with comedic banters during the spontaneous variety show that unfolds—offering a stunning display of talent and holiday cheer.

Michael Cera, known for his performances in Arrested Development and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, plays a sharp-witted talent agent who dismisses the chaos with hilarious one-liners. The movie proves once again how effortlessly he delivers comedy, leaving audiences in stitches time and time again.

Beloved A-list celebrities make their entrances, playing either exaggerated versions of themselves or quirky characters tailored for them. They provide some of the film's most unforgettable moments, joining Murray in productions of iconic Christmas songs, spontaneous dancing and playful skits that play with the absurd and sometimes melancholy aspects of the season. Complications as such also give way to many poignant moments in the film, making this a perfect holiday show—triumphing the spirit of love, unity, and companionship during the Christmas season.

Every segment of this special is designed and presented in its unique way, which lends to its delightful and unpredictable nature. The film's high production value is evident in the stunning visuals that fill the screen, from the plush interiors of the famed hotel to the wintry streets of New York City. Sofia Coppola, known for her atmospheric direction, masterfully captures the spirit of New York during Christmas and vividly brings every scene to life.

The music in A Very Murray Christmas, directed by none other than Paul Shaffer, is ablaze with soulful renditions of Christmas classics. The performances are filled with an infectious energy and will likely have audiences singing along. The music in the film, much like its narrative, is a balanced mix of classic and contemporary, catering to its diverse viewership.

A Very Murray Christmas celebrates the spirit of the season, even in times of adversity. It emphasizes that Christmas is not just about the grandeur and glamour, but about community, resilience, and spontaneity. The film's humor is warm, its performances touching, and its storytelling quirky, making it delightful holiday viewing. Bill Murray, with his perfect comedic timing and warm presence, absolutely shines in the film, ensuring it effectively spreads holiday cheer. It is a unique and enjoyable spin on traditional Christmas specials.

A Very Murray Christmas is a Comedy, Music, TV Movie movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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