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In the world of corruption, fraud and illicit money, the movie "A Taxing Woman" takes us on a thrilling ride with a female tax official, Ryoko Itakura, played by the talented Nobuko Miyamoto. The movie takes you on a journey where the protagonist is tasked with tracking down tax-dodgers in Japan while facing sexism and discrimination from her male colleagues.

The movie begins with Ryoko working as a tax collector, investigating tax evasion by two businessmen. One of them happens to be a Yakuza boss, who tries to bribe her. However, Ryoko resists, and instead sees it as an opportunity to gather more evidence against the men. With patience and wit, Ryoko uncovers the complex web of fraud and tax-evasion, which involves not only Yakuza bosses but also prominent politicians.

One of the many reasons why this movie is a must-watch classic is the outstanding performance by Nobuko Miyamoto. She portrays Ryoko as a smart, dedicated woman who's passionate about her work and unafraid to confront anyone who tries to corrupt her. Throughout the movie, Ryoko exhibits a range of emotions, from fearlessness and resolve to humor and vulnerability, which makes her character even more relatable.

Another reason why this movie stands out is its ability to showcase the complexity of financial crimes. The movie is filled with financial jargon, and we see how Ryoko uses her knowledge of the financial system to navigate the intricacies of tax evasion schemes. Director Juzo Itami does an excellent job of taking the viewer behind the scenes, showing how financial crimes are committed and how criminals use various methods to hide their wealth.

As the movie progresses, we see Ryoko facing numerous challenges. She faces sexism at the workplace, as her male colleagues often underestimate her abilities. There's a particularly amusing scene where Ryoko matches her male colleague, Detectives Hanamura, at an arm wrestling match, and the scene brilliantly illustrates her strength and determination.

As she delves deeper into the fraud case, Ryoko discovers that even politicians are involved in the tax-evasion and corruption scheme. This leads to a game of cat-and-mouse, where Ryoko must outsmart the criminals and her male colleagues to get to the bottom of the scheme. At times, it seems like Ryoko may not be able to overcome the odds, but her grit and tenacity keep her going.

The cinematography of the movie is stunning, with beautiful scenes of Tokyo's cityscape and various shots of the Japanese countryside. The soundtrack of the movie is also notable, with a mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese music.

In conclusion, "A Taxing Woman" is a classic movie that's worth watching for its compelling story, outstanding performances, and its ability to provide insights into financial fraud and the inner workings of government bureaucracy. Ryoko Itakura's character is a role model for every woman who has faced discrimination in the workplace, and her resilience and determination send a powerful message that criminals can be brought to justice, even against all odds.

A Taxing Woman is a Comedy, Crime movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 127 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3..

Juzo Itami
Nobuko Miyamoto, Tsutomu Yamazaki
Also starring Tsutomu Yamazaki
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