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A Pain in the Ass, released in 1973, is a French crime-comedy directed by Édouard Molinaro, featuring an incredible ensemble cast that includes famed film-stars Lino Ventura, Jacques Brel, and Caroline Cellier.

The movie is a rollercoaster ride that delves into the lives of two characters whose paths cross under the most unexpected of circumstances, leading to a series of hilarious and tension-filled events. Lauded for their theatrical prowess, both Lino Ventura and Jacques Brel perfectly encapsulate the meticulous color of their characters' personalities.

The movie introduces us to the character of Ralf Milan (Lino Ventura), a take-no-prisoners professional killer who is on assignment in Paris to assassinate a high-profile mob boss. Ventura, known for his tough, gritty roles, adds nuance to the character of Ralf, giving us an assassin who retains his human elements despite his criminal background. He expertly portrays the growing frustration and stoicism of a killer who just wants to carry out his job with minimum fuss.

Jacques Brel plays François Pignon, a character that is a complete antithesis to Ralf Milan. Pignon is hapless, yet endearingly naive, a persistent chatterbox, and a chronic suicide-attempter. He is a man driven to despair due to personal circumstances that he can't seem to extricate himself from.

What happens when an organized, silent, and dispassionate contract killer crosses paths with a desperate, attention-seeking individual who has lost all hope? A Pain in the Ass explores this incongruous pairing with rib-tickling humor and unexpected moments of suspense, creating an innovative crime-comedy that is an absolute delight to watch.

Directed by Édouard Molinaro, the film is set mostly within the four walls of a Parisian hotel, creating an intense atmosphere that amplifies the characters' idiosyncrasies and the ensuing chaos. Molinaro, with his astute directorial expertise, infuses an engaging pace and rhythm to the film, making the audience navigate the comedic and the chaotic, the dire and the dramatic effortlessly.

Caroline Cellier adds a touch of class and mystery to the film as Louise, creating a compelling triangle of quirky dynamics with the duo. Cellier's performance is undeniably engaging, as she adds a layer of intrigue to the plot and aids in developing the story.

A Pain in the Ass stands strong among the genres of crime and comedy, creating a distinctive blend of tense suspense and belly-ache-inducing humor - a testament to Molinaro's quirky vision and the electric performance of the cast. The movie deftly explores the themes of alienation, desperation, and the unexpected camaraderie that stems from the most unusual circumstances.

The script boasts clever dialogue that further amplifies the comedic elements of the film. The real charm of A Pain in the Ass lies in the bizarre and hilariously frustrating situations our two protagonists find themselves in—demonstrating the universal truth that things don't always go according to plan, especially when a professional assassin meets a despairing man.

The narrative also focuses on the profound relationship developed between these two contrasting personalities and how it evolves over the course of the film. Ventura and Brel have terrific on-screen chemistry – their disparate characters bounce off each other with genuine warmth and startling intensity -- shaped by hilarity, irritation, empathy, and unforeseen bonding.

The film's title, A Pain in the Ass, is a perfectly tongue-in-cheek reflection of the scenario Ralf Milan is thrown into when he encounters François Pignon. It is a delightful commentary on how life can sometimes toss us into situations we never envisaged — embodying the extraordinary and amusing chaos that ensues when calculated precision meets uncontrollable havoc.

Overall, A Pain in the Ass is a brilliant combination of humor, suspense, and emotion, all set within the contrasting worlds of a hardened killer and a desperate everyman. It's a Hollywood classic that showcases exceptional performances, a riveting plot, and a smart script – guaranteed to provide the audience with an unforgettable cinematic experience.

A Pain in the Ass is a Comedy, Crime movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 86 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1..

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