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A Guy Thing, directed by Chris Koch, is a humorous and light-hearted romantic comedy released in 2003. The film revolves around Paul Morse (Jason Lee), an ordinary, everyday guy on the verge of matrimony. In the whirlwind of events leading up to the big day, Paul's life gets incredibly messy and extremely funny, leading to a series of rip-roaring comedic incidents that make this an enjoyable watch.

Lee, known for his work in other comedic ventures, shines as Paul Morse. Paul is an easy-going, kind-hearted, and a bit neurotic character who works as an editor for a business magazine. In the blink of an eye, Paul's life gets turned upside down when he wakes up next to a beautiful and mysterious woman, Becky - played by Julia Stiles - just days before his wedding. With no memory of the night before, stammering and stuttering, he attempts to unravel what happened and how to rectify his mistake before marrying his bride-to-be, Karen - portrayed by Selma Blair.

Stiles, known for her roles in classics like 10 Things I Hate About You, delivers a fantastic performance as Becky. Becky's charm and engaging personality make her a character one instantly takes a liking to. As the story unfolds, we see Becky is not just a beautiful woman, but also empathetic and someone who quickly realizes the complicated situation that Paul has landed himself in.

On the other hand, we have Karen, the prim and perfect fiancée, brought to life by Selma Blair. She represents the privileged and posh lifestyle that Paul is about to become a part of but often feels alienated from. Blair’s portrayal of her character as slightly uptight, yet caring and loving, makes for an interesting contrast to Stiles’ free-spirited Becky.

Paul's predicament forms the meat of the plot. His struggle to keep his missteps a secret from Karen while trying to untangle himself from the unexpected connection formed with Becky, leads to a series of hilarious situations. His journey, fraught with weddings-preparations-gone-wrong, shady future in-laws, strange situations, exaggerated misunderstandings, and his own guilty conscience, make this 'one night of mistake' something more significant than he could ever have imagined.

The movie thrives on its situational comedy, powered by some terrific performances by the lead stars. But, it doesn't just stop there. It also brings to life a host of colorful supporting characters - each with their distinct personality and quirks, and each contributing to the plot's chaos and comedy.

Moreover, A Guy Thing isn’t just a succession of comedic missteps and mishaps. Underneath its humor and eccentric scenarios, it is a tale of soul searching. It pushes us to delve a little deeper, asking questions about love, life, and making the right choices. What does it mean to live authentically? How far would you go to avoid hurting the ones you love, even if that means not being true to yourself? These are some of the heavier questions simmering underneath the comedic sequences.

Considering the ensemble cast and the perfect blend of humor and romance, A Guy Thing, manages to be an entertaining rom-com. The intricate plot, combined with the fantastic performances of the lead cast, will keep you engaged throughout the movie's runtime.

The director, Chris Koch, manages to steer the movie skillfully, maintaining a balance of comedy and sentimentality without veering into overly dramatic territory. Combined with the screenplay's smart writing, the film brings in fresh air into the clichéd rom-com genre - making it a fun-filled ride packed with humor, romance, and bit of life philosophy.

Despite the comedic chaos, A Guy Thing is ultimately about that one defining moment that changes everything, when life suddenly becomes clearer, and the choices that seemed impossible become evident. A Guy Thing is not just about comedy and love. It’s about finding oneself amidst the chaos, and staying true to oneself even when it seems the hardest thing to do.

The movie delivers a generous sprinkling of laughter, love, and tells us that the path to being true to oneself could be hilariously complicated. For fans of romantic comedies, A Guy Thing would undoubtedly make for a delightful watch – filled with laugh-out-loud moments, interesting characters, and a heartfelt story.

A Guy Thing is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 27.

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