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The 2017 film A Ghost Story, directed by David Lowery, stars Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, and McColm Cephas Jr. in a haunting yet poignant exploration of existence, connection and time, delivered in a non-conventional storytelling format. This is not your typical supernatural horror, rather, it employs the spectral trope to weave an existential narrative with inclination towards slow cinema.

Casey Affleck embodies the character called the ‘C’, a recently deceased man becoming a draped specter that spectators usually associate with Halloween costumes. He is thrust into an ethereal plain of existence, retaining an emotional attachment to his rustic home and his disconsolate wife, played by Rooney Mara, referred significantly as the 'M' in the story. This undying connection holds him in the fabric of time, having to witness the movement of life that he once was a part of.

David Lowery's vision transcends beyond standard storytelling models, as most of the action is subdued, the dialogue is limited, and the ghost operates in an almost somnambulic state. The breadth of the narrative is expressed through evocative visuals and certain scenes infused with a tranquil, melancholic rhythm that is almost meditative. His looming, silent presence creates a noninvasive voyeuristic experience, that pierces through veneers of daily life and nudges the viewer to ponder upon profundities of existence, impermanence, and loss.

The screenplay doesn't fear to linger on seemingly mundane sequences for a protracted time; whether it's Rooney Mara's 'M' riddled with grief, engorging on a pie, or Affleck's 'C' observing silently. These scenes are not just indulgent but contribute heavily to the emotional landscape of the characters involved. It consequently allows spectators to divest from the hustle and bustle of most traditional cinema and instead engage in thoughtful introspection.

Rooney Mara is brilliant in conveying an absorbing portrayal of a grieving woman, maintaining an emotive performance throughout the movie. Her subdued expressions and repressed longing resonate with any individual who has suffered a significant loss. On the other hand, Casey Affleck's performance is poignant in its impassivity; his specter can't talk, touch, or express – a challenging role to undertake.

The film is shot exquisitely, with an aspect ratio that gives it an almost square frame, adding an outdated home movie-like touch, echoing with the theme of time, history, and memory. The film greatly champions the use of visual storytelling, where everything from the camerawork, color schemes to the uncanny emptiness in frames, serves a particular purpose – to articulate an emotional narrative.

In addition, the ethereal score by composer Daniel Hart punctuates the overall melancholic and introspective tone of the film. It's not so much about shocking the audience but moving them with its haunting melody and atmospheric sounds, blending seamlessly with the eerie tranquility maintained throughout.

Another layer added to this already profound narrative is part played by McColm Cephas Jr, who slightly tilts the plot towards a philosophical exposition, broadening the horizons of this narrative and lending it a metaphysical edge. His dialogue might be the most verbose portion of the film and acts as a significant pivot in the overall narrative.

The movie amalgamates everyday realities of life, death, and grief with a philosophical exploration of time. It takes the quintessential trope of a ghost and flips it on its head to tell a unique tale of love, loss, and longing. It demands patience and empathy from the viewers to delve into its languid tempo and nuanced storyline.

To summarize, A Ghost Story is not about jump scares or spine-chilling horrors. Instead, it's a deeply evocative film that dwells on universal human emotions and existential perplexities through a unique perspective. This less-is-more approach using sparse dialogue and minimal actions rewards the viewers with an empathetic introspection of their mortality and time's ceaseless march.

A Ghost Story is a Drama, Fantasy movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 87 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 84.

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